The foregrip in BGMI helps players control the gun recoil by holding the barrel stable. BGMI weapons have both horizontal and vertical recoils that make bullets spread. There are 5 types of foregrips in BGMI with different effects and spawn rates. Check out the foregrip ranking to know which is the best foregrip for zero recoils.

#1. Vertical Foregrip

The vertical foregrip is the most favorite foregrip in BGMI in controlling the vertical recoil for BGMI guns. It's very useful for assault rifles in BGMI that often have huge vertical recoil. It helps reduce the vertical recoil by 15%. However, it does not actually decrease the horizontal recoil pattern.

BGMI veterans know that the vertical recoil is larger and harder to control than the horizontal recoil. Therefore, pro players in this game often prefer vertical foregrip. The vertical foregrip is good for close combat, especially when using hip-fire. But it's not ideal for long-range combat.

Vertical Grip
The vertical grip is the best foregrip for hip-firing.

#2. Angled Foregrip

The BGMI angled foregrip helps reduce the horizontal recoil by 15% and increases the ADS speed slightly. However, it does not affect the vertical recoil. Therefore, it's better for long-range combat than close combat.

Check out some tips to use the angled foregrip in BGMI.

  • Use angled grip for DMRs and stable ARs for long-range sprays. such as M416, SCAR-L, and some DMRs in BGMI, such as SKS, SLR, and Mini-14.
  • Switch to vertical grip before engaging in close combat.
Angled Grip For Long Range Srpay
The angled grip for long-range spray.

#3. Half-grip

Half-grip is the third ideal foregrip option in BGMI which is the most balanced one in the attachment collection of BGMI. Unlike other foregrips, half-grip is in orange color, which makes it look like a flaregun when seeing it from the distance. It helps reduce both the vertical and horizontal recoil of weapons by 8%.

Then, half-grip is the most versatile foregrip in this game. It is good in all ranges of combat. However, it's not really reliable sometimes. Besides, half-grip is not the best option for long-range combat or close combat but it's the best grip for M416. Fraggers should choose the vertical grip. Meanwhile, the angled grip is the best choice for snipers.

Half Grip
Half-grip is the most versatile foregrip.

#4. Thumb Grip

The thumb grip is not as good at controlling the gun recoil as vertical grip, angled grip, and half-grip. It's only good for ADS. Here are all effects of the thumb grip in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

  • Thumb grip reduces the recoil pattern by 5%;
  • It increases the ADS speed by up to 30%. Then, you can open the scope much faster than ADS without this grip.

Therefore, the thumb grip is also a good choice for close spray, especially when you use the ADS firing mode. You can open the scope faster than the opponent without this foregrip. But you need to make some effort to drag the crosshair down.

Thumb Grip
Thumb grip reduces the bullet jump.

#5. Light Grip

The last foregrip in BGMI is the light grip which is often underrated. The light grip helps increase the recoil recovery and stability of the weapon. It makes the gun stable by reducing the bullet jump between shots. However, it doesn't help reduce the recoil patterns when using hip-fire.

Therefore, the vertical grip is the best option for fraggers and the angled grip is the best choice for snipers. Half-grip, thumb grip, and light grip are alternate options based on your purpose. Always attach a grip to make your gun more stable and reliable.

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