A lot of BGMI and PUBG Mobile players are playing this game on Android devices. Check out the best Realme 7 BGMI sensitivity and control settings for Android gamers here.

Sensitivity Affects Your Gameplay
The sensitivity setting affects your gameplay.

I. BGMI Best Sensitivity Settings For Android

Realme smartphones run on the Android operating system. In fact, the recommended Realme 6 BGMI sensitivity and the best sensitivity for Realme 7 are not different. Check out the best Realme 7 BGMI sensitivity for both non-gyro and gyro players here.

1. Camera Sensitivity

The camera sensitivity lets you stir your camera view slowly or quickly. It also affects the speed of your barrel movement when you use hip-fire. It's often used in the TPP mode when you try to spot enemies without exposing your body or throwing grenades to the enemy's location from behind the cover.

Therefore, camera sensitivity is very important in close combat and TTP mode. Here are the best recommendations for the Realme 7 BGMI sensitivity setting.

Camera Sensitivty
Best camera sensitivity for Realme 7 users.

If you play BGMI on an Android smartphone with a smaller screen, you should reduce this sensitivity by 5%.

2. ADS Sensitivity

You should keep ADS sensitivity of 3rd Person No Scope low for better hip-firing. However, leave the ADS scope sensitivity a little higher than camera scope sensitivity. It gives you a more stable pre-aim. Then, you can shoot accurately and stably when you are running or moving in a vehicle. Here is the ADS sensitivity recommended for Android smartphones, including Realme 7.

Ads Sensitivity
The best ADS sensitivity for Android gamers.

3. Gyro Sensitivity

Gyro players need the best sensitivity for BGMI gyroscope mode because the speed of the camera also depends on the device quality. Pro players often play PUBG Mobile and BGMI with full gyroscope on.

You can learn from this gyro sensitivity setting of a Chinese pro player who plays PUBG Mobile on an Android smartphone.

Gyro Sensitivity
This is the recommended gyro sensitivity for Android users.

It's the best Realme 7 BGMI sensitivity for Gyro players. If you play this game on an Android tablet or a device with a bigger size, you can increase these sensitivity levels by 5-10%. If your phone screen is smaller than Realme 7, reduce the 3rd Person No Scope sensitivity a little to avoid screen shake.

II. Master Aiming & Shooting Skills

After having the best sensitivity settings, you need to go to the TDM mode to practice and master your aiming and shooting skills. Then, you can shoot with zero recoils.

#1. Close-Range Drill

An important skill for assaulters in BGMI is drilling targets. To drill enemies like a pro player in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, you need to make your aiming point stable. It means that it shouldn't shake when you spray bullets.

You should drag both the left camera and right scope down if the gun has high recoil, such as AKM and Beryl M726. If you play with a full gyro on, tilt your phone down in a wide range.

Improve Combat Skill
You need to improve your combat skill with the new Realme 7 BGMI sensitivity setting in the TDM mode.

#2. Master All Weapons

You don't need to care about the rank point in the TDM mode. Therefore, you can win or lose without dropping your rank.

Practice all weapons in TDM mode and improve your shooting skill. Then, you can master all weapons and win every combat no matter which gun you grab. It helps you survive when landing in a hot-drop location where the number of players surpasses the number of supplies.

Master All Weapons
Practice all weapons and improve your shooting skill to survive when you don't have your favorite weapons.

#3. Practice Sniping Skills

There is a sniper training mode in the Arcade section. Its gameplay is pretty similar to that of the classic mode but you can loot more sniper rifles to practice and train your sniping skill. Moreover, the match result won't affect your career result in the rank mode. You only need to focus on your skills and how to play better.

Improve Your Sniping Skills
Go to the Sniper training mode to improve your sniping skill without dropping your rank.

#4. Learn Gyro

When you play BGMI on Realme 7, you should learn gyro. This smartphone can run smoothly with a full gyro on. Gyroscope in BGMI helps you control the gun recoil by tilting the phone up or down. Then, you don't need to use many function buttons or actions to drag the crosshair down.

III. Best Control Layout For Realme 7

You should use 4-finger claw control to play BGMI and PUBG Mobile on Realme 7. The screen size is 6.5 inches. It's large enough to play with 3 fingers, 4 fingers, and 5 fingers. It's better to play with 4-finger control. If you want to play like a pro player who can join big BGMI and PUBG Mobile esports events, learn to play with 4 fingers and 5 fingers.

Realme 6 Pubg Mobile
The phone screen is large enough for 4-finger control.

That's the recommended sensitivity for Android users, especially Realme 7 users. This guide for Realme 7 BGMI sensitivity will help improve your gameplay and career result.

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