DMR is a type of long-range weapon. It's often underrated in BGMI and PUBG Mobile because it has a slower firing rate than ARs and lower base damage than bolt-action sniper rifles. However, pro players know how to make DMRs more deadly in all situations. Check out why you should use BGMI DMR sniper rifles and how to master these weapons here.

I. Why You Should Use DMRs In BGMI

DMR is a weapon category designed for mid and long-range combat. Most of the DMRs in BGMI have a semi-auto firing mode. Therefore, the rate of fire depends on how fast you tap the fire button. The damage and recoil are also affected by the rate of tapping. Only Mk14 has a full-auto mode.

There are seven DMRs in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, including Mini-14, SLR, SKS, QBU, Mk14, Mk12, and VSS.

Dmrs Are Very Powerful In Mid Range Combat
BGMI DMRs are very powerful in mid-range combat.

II. Tips To Use DMRs In BGMI

When you use a DMR, you should try to headshot. You can finish an enemy with only two shots to his head, even when he uses a level-3 helmet. If you use a Mini-14, you may need an extra shot to knock him down. However, it's pretty hard to make a headshot, so body shots still cause enough damage.

Here are some tips of how to use DMRs to cause enough damage and take the enemy down quickly.

#1. Make the first shot a headshot

You should make the first shot a headshot. When you aim to shoot, take your time to aim for the head of the target and quickly follow up by body shots. Then, you can finish the enemy in a few shots. It's because you have more time for the first shot. But after the first shot, you don't have enough time to place your aim to the head of the target.

Make The First Shot A Headshot
Make the first shot a headshot.

#2. Tap quickly

An important tip to use BGMI DMR sniper rifles is tapping as fast as possible while maintaining accuracy in every shot on the target. In order to do that, you need to learn how to control the gun recoil. Each DMR sniper rifle has different recoil patterns. For example, Mini-14 and QBU have shorter vertical recoil patterns.

When you fire, the gun barrel jumps and the aim goes up. Then, you need to readjust the aim at the initial target by dragging the aim down. If you are a gyro player, you need to tilt your phone down every time you shoot. If you don't use the gyroscope, you need to pull your right thumb down. Moreover, you also have to readjust the horizontal reticle.

Tap Quickly
Tap quickly while maintaining accuracy.

#3. Practice DMRs

You need to train DMRs with a 3x scope because it has a round aim point. Then, try to hit all the shots inside the circle. You should tap slowly at the beginning to build muscle memory. Next, increase your tapping speed while maintaining that accuracy.

After you hit all shots accurately, move to the next target and repeat this process until you reach the target 300 meters away. It's because the maximum render distance in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is 320 meters. Next, you repeat this process when practicing with a 4x scope and 6x scope.

Practice With 3x 4x And 6x Scope
Practice with 3x, 4x, and 6x scope.

#4. Customize Sensitivity

Another crucial tip to shoot with zero recoils is customizing the ADS and gyro sensitivity for DMRs. Here are the rules for DMR sensitivity in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

  • Use the sniping gyro sensitivity but increase it slightly.
  • Your ADS sensitivity should be 25% higher than the gyro sensitivity for BGMI DMR sniper rifles.

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