PUBG Mobile has a gyroscope feature to let players aim by moving the device. To use a gyroscope perfectly like a pro player and win the game, you will need not only aiming skill but also a good setting. Here're the top 6 gyroscope setting of pro players that you can learn.

Best 4-Finger Claw Settings Of COFFIN

COFFIN is a God-Tier Gyro player in PUBG Mobile. You can learn his sensitivity and control settings to play like a pro player.

  • Place the right fire button on the right top corner of the screen and increase its size to 200%. The left fire button is placed near the scope button on the top left corner of the screen. Then, decrease the transparency of the left fire button. The peek buttons are placed right below the right fire button.
Coffin Control Setting
Control Setting Of COFFIN
  • Leave the ADS sensitivity settings of all scopes at 1% and the camera sensitivity of both 1st and 3rd perspectives at 100%.
Coffin Ads Setting
ADS Sensitivity Settings Of COFFIN
  • The best gyroscope sensitivity settings for the 1st and the 3rd-perspective camera is 200%, red-dot, holo, aim-assist, and 2x scope is 300%, 150% for 3x scope, 100% for 4x scope and VSS, 70% for 6x scope, and 60% for 8x scope.
Coffin Gyro Sensitivity Setting
Gyro Sensitivity Settings Of COFFIN
  • Besides, select the Hold action for Scope and Lean.

PUBG Mobile Gyroscope Settings Of DWOZ

DWOZ is another PUBG Mobile pro player who you can learn the gyroscope settings from. He has a different sensitivity from that of COFFIN.

  • This player leaves the camera and scope sensitivity pretty high.
Dwoz Ads Sensitivity
ADS Sensitivity Settings of DWOZ
  • His gyro sensitivity level is also high. He left the sensitivity of the camera and short and mid-range scopes at the maximum level.
Dwoz Gyro Sensitivity Setting
Gyro Sensitivity Setting of DWOZ
  • If you are a pro gyro player and you can control the aim perfectly, this is a nice sensitivity setting for you because it helps you aim very quickly.
Dwoz Control Setting
Dwoz's Control Setting
  • Moreover, DWOZ also has a different control setting which is highly recommended for left-handed players. He put the left fire button in the top corner and didn't use the right fire button. Instead, the crouch button is pretty big and transparent so that he can crouch and shoot to reduce the recoil.

Recommended Settings Of BIU BIU

BiuBiu is also a left-handed player who uses the left fire button. Moreover, he enables the aim assist for easier aim.

Biu Biu Control Setting
BiuBiu's Control Setting
  • The right fire button is small and dragged to the top left corner while the left fire button is in the maximum size.
Biu Biu Camerea Setting
BiuBiu's Camera Sensitivity Setting
  • If you want to lock your aim while using the gyroscope feature, you shouldn't leave your ADS sensitivity high.
Biu Biu Ads Setting
His camera sensitivity and ADS sensitivity is quite low.
  • Besides, the sensitivity of long-range scopes should be very low so that the aim doesn't move upwards much.
Biu Biu Gyro Setting
BiuBiu's Gyro Sensitivity Setting
  • The recommended gyro sensitivity is around 100% to 140% for the camera and most sights/scopes and 50% for 8x scope

Gyroscope Settings Of WID Gaming

WID Gaming has a unique 4-finger claw gyro setting.

Wid Gaming Control Setting
Control Setting Of WID Gaming
  • Only the left fire button is used. Essential buttons such as peek, crouch, jump, and prone are transparent. However, the scope button is quite small. So, it's recommended for tanker and hip-fire players in this game.
Wid Gaming Camera Setting
Wid Gaming's Camera Sensitivity Setting
Wid Gaming Ads Setting
Recommended ADS Sensitivity Setting
Wid Gaming Gyro Setting
Gyro Sensitivity Setting of Wid Gaming
  • Besides, his camera, ADS, and Gyroscope sensitivity settings are pretty similar to those of COFFIN.

4-Finger Claw Settings Of OXILE Reborn - PUBG

The camera, ADS, and gyroscope sensitivity settings of the player OXILE Reborn is pretty similar to COFFIN and WID Gaming's settings.

Oxile Gyro Seting
Gyro sensitivity setting
Oxile Ads Setting
ADS sensitivity setting
Oxile Camera Setting
Camera Sensitivity Setting
Oxile Control Seting
Control Setting

However, his control setting is pretty different. He uses both the left and right fire buttons but the right button is more transparent. He also put the scope button tight above the left fire button.

Recommended 4-Finger Claw Settings Of Mr. Spike

Mr. Spike uses both fire buttons equally. Besides, he reduces the transparency of all buttons very low so that his field of vision is not blocked.

Spike Control Setting
Mr. Spike's Control Setting

His sensitivity levels of camera and ADS are pretty similar to those of BiuBiu. However, his gyroscope sensitivity is similar to those of COFFIN and WID Gaming. Just take a look below.

Spike Gyro Setting
Mr. Spike's Gyro Sensitivity Setting
Spike Ads Setting
Mr. Spike's ADS Sensitivity Setting

In short, most pro players leave the ADS and camera sensitivities low and Gyroscope sensitivity high. It helps you lock the aim of the gun so that your screen won't shake a lot when you move or aim with scope-in.

However, the high Gyroscope sensitivity ensures that the graphics won't be loaded slowlier than the in-game speed.

Practice With Gyroscope Setting
Practice With Gyroscope Setting

Besides, you should choose the Smooth Graphics quality and Extreme level for the frame rate. Then, shake your phone to aim accurately.