The hardest thing in BGMI and PUBG Mobile is controlling the gun recoil. If you can do it, you will play like a pro player. Check out new setting tips and rules for zero recoil sensitivity BGMI.

New setting rules for zero recoil sensitivity BGMI

The new update brings some new changes in the setting of the game. There are some new rules when you set up the control. In addition to sensitivity settings, PUBG Mobile and BGMI also need to concern about the basic setting and graphic settings. These settings also affect your gameplay and experiences during the match.

Best Setting in PUBG Mobile
A proper setting can help you play better in real matches and rank up faster.

Basic Settings

  • Turn off the Aim Assist so that you can move between targets more easily. When you turn on this option, it makes bullets focus on one target only. Then, it's less accurate when you switch between two or three enemies.
  • Disable the Block Sight Warning because it's only helpful when you stay behind the cover. In other situations, it makes trouble. Sometimes, this feature may make you lose face-to-face combat.
Turn Off Aim Assist
Turn off the aim assist and block sight warning to avoid getting distracted during combat.
  • You should also disable the Peek & Open Scope option. It's because you only need to use hip-fire if the enemy is close to you. If you play with 4-finger claw or 5-finger claw settings, this option becomes useless. Moreover, it can make your gameplay messy.
  • Enable the Healing Prompt option to apply bandages automatically when your HP is too low.
  • Besides, increase the 3rd Person Perspective Camera View at the maximum level so that you have the widest view to spot enemies.
Increase The Camera View
Increase the camera view to the max level to widen your view when you move in open ground.

Graphic Settings

  • Select the UHD Graphics to play the game smoothly. It also helps you spot enemies easier in the match.
  • The Extreme Frame Rate is the best option for BGMI players. This frame rate guarantees that you won't miss any movements on the map.
  • Disable the Anti-Aliasing effect because this feature consumes a lot of battery. Besides, it does not help you too much when you play BGMI with maximum frame rate of 90FPS.
Graphic Setting
Use the best graphic setting to make the game more enjoyable, stunning, and realistic.

BGMI no recoil file download in the download source is highly recommended when you play this game on high-end devices. If your phone has a strong operating system, you can download the Ultra HD graphic quality to use. However, it's not recommended for mid-end and low-end devices because it can cause lag.

Best sensitivity settings for PUBG Mobile no recoil 2021

The current version has a new Sensitivity Custom mode, but you should have the best overall sensitivity setting which works well for all weapons. Here are the recommended Sensitivity Settings for Camera, ADS, and Gyro Scope. If you are a non-gyro player, you can ignore the Gyro sensitivity setting.

Best Sensitivity
You should have the best overall sensitivity setting which works well for all weapons.

#1. Camera Sensitivity

The camera sensitivity for zero recoils in BGMI helps you control the recoil of hip-firing. You can spray without recoil in close-range combat with a good setting for camera sensitivity. Besides, it also matters the free look speed when you use the Free Look button to observe the environment around you when you are running.

Camera Sensitivity
Recommended Camera Sensitivity for zero recoils in BGMI.

If you play BGMI and PUBG Mobile on low-end devices, you should increase these sensitivity levels by 5-7%. It guarantees that the camera speed won't be slowed down. Then, players can still spot enemies on time.

#2. ADS Sensitivity

ADS sensitivity is vert essential in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Most pro players often spray and fire with scope-in. Besides, snipers in this game should take this setting into consideration because you can't snipe without scope-in. Many semi-snipe rifles and bolt-action sniper rifles have very high gun recoil. That's why need a perfect ADS Sensitivity setting.

Ads Sensitivity
This is a recommended ADS sensitivity setting for overall weapons in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

ADS sensitivity should equal the Camera sensitivity if you play the tanker role. It guarantees that the frame rate won't change when you switch between hip-fire and ADS spray. If you leave ADS sensitivity too high, the vertical recoil will make your barrels choke up. Besides, the horizontal recoil will make your crosshair slide out of the target.

Ads Sensitivity
ADS sensitivity also matters your close-range spray and the ultimate match result.

#3. Gyro Sensitivity

Gyro sensitivity is more important because the screen shake, aim-moving speed, and recoil controlling will mostly depend on your device and setting. Non-gyro players can control recoil by using their thumbs. But Gyro players will mainly rely on the sensitivity of the gyroscope.

Gyro Sensitivity
A recommended Gyro Sensitivity for gyro players in BGMI 2021.

As mentioned, the gyro sensitivity is only useful for gyro players in this shooting game. You are not recommended to use gyro playstyle when using low-end devices. The loading speed of your smartphone may matter the gameplay.

Those are all new rules and tips for zero recoil sensitivity BGMI. These tips will help you reduce recoil and increase accuracy, especially when you spray bullets in close-range combat.

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