BGMI and PUBG Mobile have many healing items for players to heal HP when they get hit. You need to understand the effect and using duration of these healing items to know when and how to use different healing items in BGMI.

#1. Bandages

The first healing item in the list of consumables in BGMI is the bandage. It's very light and popular in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

You can easily find bandages in all houses and compounds on all classic maps. It's the most basic healing item in this battle royale game. It helps players heal 10 HP in 4 seconds. Players can use bandages when moving on foot or on vehicles.

Bandages are very light. Therefore, you can keep some bandages in the backpack to use during panic situations. The bandage is the best consumable item for close combat and panic situations in which you have to heal quickly to come back to the combat soon. Moreover, after using a bandage, your HP is still healed over time. Thus, you should use it when moving into the safe zone.

The bandage is the most basic healing item in battle royale games.

#2. Painkillers

Painkiller is also a healing item that heals HP over time. It's one of the most favorite healing items in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Apart from healing HP for players, painkillers also help increase your moving speed when you run. It's very useful in sudden combat. Like bandages, you should use painkillers when moving into the playing zone from the blue zone. It takes 6 seconds to use.

Like painkillers, BGMI and PUBG Mobile also give players energy drinks that also improve the moving speed of players. Both painkillers and energy drinks are very popular on classic maps. You should keep 2-3 painkillers in your backpack to use when your HP is between 75-100% because you cannot use other healing items in BGMI when your HP is over 75%. It helps you heal full HP before engaging.

It takes you 6 seconds to use the Painkiller.

#3. First-aid Kits

The first-aid kit is less popular than painkillers and bandages in a match. It helps players heal 75 HP in 6 seconds. Therefore, it's one of the most high-standard healing items in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. You should use it after fierce combat. You have to take cover when using this healing item because it takes longer to heal.

However, the first-aid kit does not help you heal over time. That's why you need to use some painkillers to heal until the HP bar is full. This healing item is pretty heavy, so you should keep 1-2 first-aid kits in your backpack. Then, loot on the way to the final circle in BGMI.

First Aid Kits
First-aid kits are pretty heavy.

A lot of players often loot as many first-aid kits as possible. In that case, they cannot keep much ammo, grenades, and other necessities in their backpack. It's a deadly mistake in BGMI. Don't save too many kits because you can loot them from the enemy's death crates.

#4. Medkits

Medkit is the rarest healing item in BGMI and PUBG Mobile which only spawns in the airdrops. Sometimes, you can find a few medkits on the map but very rarely. A medkit helps you heal 100 HP in 8 seconds. Therefore, you shouldn't use it during panic combat because you can be killed while consuming it.

Eight seconds in combat is enough for enemies to take you down. You should consume medkits when you are in a safe place or after you survive in fierce combat only. Moreover, it's very heavy, so you had better keep only one medkit in your backpack to save space for other supplies, such as ammo and grenades.

Those are the best tips to use consumables in BGMI. You should loot all of them but don't keep too many items in your backpack because you can loot these consumbles during the match.

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