M416 is one of the most favorite assault rifles in PUBG Mobile. Most players often use it as the primary weapon due to its strengths. Choosing the best grip also makes this AR better. Let's point out the five best grips for M416.

#1. Half Grip

The half grip helps reduce the recoil of this gun slightly. But more importantly, this grip increases the recoil recovery, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately in the burst mode. However, it's not as effective in moving targets as it is in standing-still targets. It's because the horizontal recoil is harder to control than vertical recoil.

M416 With Half Grip
The Half Grip is the best grip for M416 in PUBG Mobile.

#2. Thumb Grip

The thumb grip is the most versatile grip for most weapons in PUBG Mobile. It helps increase the speed of scope opening, letting you open the scope faster to aim and shoot in instant combat. Speed is very important in this game. If you are a sniper, this grip is every necessary.

Thumb Grip
The Thumb Grip helps increase the speed of scope opening

M416 is a versatile weapon that can deal with all ranges of combat. It's more accurate and useful with a proper scope. Therefore, you should use the thumb grip to reduce the time of scope opening and take the target down quickly. Although it does not reduce the weapon recoil as much as other grips, it's still a nice choice because M416 is still stable with this grip.

#3. Vertical Grip

The vertical grip is the most favorite grip for recoil control in this game. It's the best choice for those who want to reduce vertical recoil and control this gun better. However, it's only good at reducing the vertical recoil only. You'd better use it for mid-range combat in which the vertical recoil affects the accuracy a lot.

Vertical Grip
Vertical Grip helps reduce vertical recoil.

#4. Angled Grip

This grip helps not only reduce the horizontal recoil but also increase the ADS speed. Then, you can spray faster with scope in. However, you shouldn't use this grip in burst mode because it can reduce accuracy. As M416 does not have the burst mode, it's one of the best grips for this AR.

Angled Grip
Angled Grip helps increase the ADS speed.

#5. Light Grip

The light grip is the best grip for M416 in single-tap fire mode. It increases the pinpoint accuracy of many stable weapons, such as M416, Vector, and M16A4. Therefore, the light grip is a nice choice for long-range combat if you want to use M416 as a DMR.

Light Grip
The Light Grip increases the pinpoint accuracy of M416.