PUBG Mobile Runic Power mode has new gameplay with three runes of different powers. Let's learn how to use these runes and select a proper rune for you to win in this new game mode.

PUBG Mobile Runic Power Guide

In the spawn island of this game mode, you can select one rune from three runes, including Flame, Wind, and Arctic runes. Then, bring the power to the match and use it. You need to use Rune Crystals to activate runic power. You can collect these crystals on the map during the match.

Runic Power
New Runic Power Mode

Before selecting the rune, you need to understand the mechanism of these runes.

#1. Magma Rune

  • Magma Wheel: You have to use 10 crystals to use the Magma Wheel. When you use crystal and activate it, the wheel will appear in front of you and roll forwards slowly in 10 seconds. Then, it stops and stands still for 2 minutes before disappearing. You can use it as a cover to hide behind. This skill takes 10 seconds to cool down. Therefore, you can use up to three wheels at once. Moreover, it also causes damage to the enemy with its fire. However, the enemy can destroy these wheels by shooting or attacking with a melee weapon.
Magma Wheel
Magma Wheel can be used as a cover and a weapon.
  • Scorching Ammo: You need to use 5 crystals to use this skill. When activating this skill, the ammo in your gun will become scorching bullets. Then, it causes more damage to the target than normal. It will be activated in 30 seconds. The cooldown time of this skill is 15 minutes.
Scorching Ammo
Scorching Ammo causes more damage to the target.

#2. Wind Rune

  • The Wind Shelter needs 10 crystals to activate. It makes a shelter around you to protect you from bullets from all directions in 55 seconds. Its cooldown time is 60 seconds. This shelter can be destroyed in the same way.
Wind Shelter
Wind Shelter can protect players from attacks from all directions.
  • Wind Boost needs 5 crystals to activate. It helps increase your reloading speed by 50% and moving speed by 10%. The damage you cause to the Ice Wall also increases by 1.5 times. The cooldown time of this skill is also 60 seconds.
Wnd Boost
Wind Boost helps increase your reloading and moving speed.

#3. Arctic Rune

  • Ice Wall: It costs 10 crystals to make a 3x3 ice wall under your foot. It contains 9 ice blocks. Then, enemies can shoot or attack to break one by one. Therefore, it's hard to break the whole wall at once. You can also jump down to hide behind the wall or climb to the top of it to reach higher places. It only requires 10 seconds to cool down. Therefore, you can create three walls at once to protect you from three directions.
Ice Wall
The Ice Wall appears under your foot.
  • Freezing Ammo: You need to use 5 crystals to activate this skill of Arctic Runes. Its active time is 30 seconds and cooldown time is 25 seconds. Like scorching ammo, freezing ammo also causes higher damage than normal bullets. You can destroy the Magma Wheel and Wind Shelter faster.
Freezing Ammo
Freezing Ammo causes higher damage than normal bullets.

In short, each rune has power for attacking and defending. The Magma power is more suitable for aggressive players who prefer attacking because both the Magma Wheel and Scorching Ammo can kill enemies. Meanwhile, the Wind Rune is the best choice for scout players in a squad. The supporter should choose the Arctic Rune.