PUBG Mobile and BGMI have introduced a new Royale Pass season with the theme Temporal Warrior. The new RP season has a lot of new skins of this theme. Check out the best themed RP rewards in C1S2 Temporal Warrior here.

#1. Free Royale Pass

Each season has a free Pass and an Elite Pass. You don't need to pay money to get rewards from Free Pass. The Free Pass is unlocked right after you log in. However, you have to complete PR missions to collect RP points to level up and claim rewards. Here are the top luxurious rewards from Free Pass you can get.

  • Chrono Cyborg Parachute at RP level 13.
  • Bunny Dance Emote at level 15.
Glacial Stroll Outfit
Free Pass outfit.
  • Glacial Stroll Outfit at level 25.
  • Pinpoint Slaughter - Skorpion weapon skin at level 35.
Pinpoint Slaughter
Skorpion weapon skin.

In addition, you can get other popular rewards at other levels, such as Supply Crate Coupon Scrap, AG, BP, Rating Protection Card, RP Mission Card, Silver Coin, Classic Crate Coupon Scrap, RP Badges Voucher, 2x BP Card, Room Card, and RP Voucher.

#2. Elite Pass Rewards

Elite Pass has more luxurious rewards, including UC. There are many Temporal Warrior-themed rewards, including bundles, weapon skins, vehicle skin, ornament, and masks. Here are the top luxurious rewards from the Elite Pass.

  • Chrono Cyborg Set and Chrono Cyborg AKM skin at level 1.
  • Chrono Cyborg cover at level 5.
Chrono Cyborg Set
Themed set at level 1 of Elite Pass.
  • RP avatar at level 15.
  • Chrono Cyborg Helmet at level 10.
  • Mouse Trap UAZ skin at level 20.
Mouse Trap Uaz
UAZ skin at level 20.
  • Ivory Knight Ornament and Mecha Bruiser Emote at level 30.
  • Footlong - Mini 14 skin at level 40.
  • Mecha Bruiser set and cover at level 50.
Mecha Bruiser Set
Elite set at level 50.

Besides, you can get a lot of rewards from Elite Pass, such as RP Badge (M4), Silver coins, Motorcycle, Crate Coupon Scraps, Glider Trail, Mora, Graffiti, Mission Card, and 2x BP Card. You need to pay 360UC to buy the Elite Pass and 960UC to purchase the Elite Pass Plus.

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