Flare Guns has a very important tactical role in PUBG. Scoring a flare gun and the gears it summoned would give you a huge advantage in a game of PUBG. There are quite a few items in the drop list of a flare gun, and all of them are essential for a good run in PUBG. It could give you the best sniper rifles or LMG, level 3 armors, and even a jeep if you used it outside of the safe zone.

Sung Goi Thinh Flare Gun Thuong Xuat Hien O Dau Tr
The Flare Gun is very important in getting a head start

Because of that, any player or squad would scramble to get their hand on a flare gun or the crate summoned by it. This guide would show you some of the best locations to obtain a flare gun. However, you have to remember that the loot algorithm never stays the same – so this will not guarantee your chance of getting the gun.

Firstly, let's talk about the drops included inside the package

There are five guns that could spawn: AUG, M24, AWM, Mk14, and M249, along with high-level scopes and armors. A ghillie suit might spawn as well - it is a super rare item that could render you almost invisible inside bushes.

The AUG: Stat wise, this is probably the strongest Assault Rifle in the game. Its spray pattern is pretty stable while the base is compatible with any muzzle attachments and the foregrip.

The legendary AWM is the best sniper rifle in-game

The AWM: This legendary bolt action rifle is probably the strongest weapon in this game. With the highest damage, fastest bullet speed, longest range, getting your hand on this weapon along with a decent scope is one of the easiest ways to get a chicken dinner. There are two drawbacks to this gun, however. The first thing is that it uses the exclusive .300 magnum ammo, you will only get 20 bullets maximum, the second drawback is that the thing comes without a scope – you must get one first.

The M24: Not as good as the AWM, but still a decent choice as its damage is way higher than the common Kar98k. If you are not confident in your ability to score shots, this weapon would actually be better than the AWM, as it fires faster and uses more commonly found ammo. The recoil is lower than the AWM as well.

Where To Find Ghillie Suit Pubg Mobile Map
The Ghillie Suit is a pretty rare drop from the crate

The MK14: A great sniper rifle that can be fired in semi-auto mode. Its drawbacks are the highest recoil in-game, however. To compensate for it, you would be forced into a crouch or prone or even use a compensator.

The M249: One amongst the 2 OP Light Machine Guns in-game. This gun comes with the biggest magazine size in PUBG and uses 5.56 mm ammo. This gun overall is not something that new players should use, as the reload time and spray pattern are just clunky. The best use for this gun is killing vehicles.

Pubg Special Care Package Flare 1
A Special Care package coming down

After the weapon details, we will be talking about the main topic of this guide, the Flare Guns, and their locations. Below are the top five locations on the map that a flare gun might spawn.

5 – Shooting Range

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The shooting range would be an easy location to clear out

The chance to find the Flare Gun in this location is Medium. The risk level is Low.

While the spawn chance in this location is lower, the risk level that comes with it is also pretty low. Because of that, this location has earned the fifth position on this list.

The flare gun should be on top of the boxes if it spawns, and when combined with a decent amount of loot, this site is definitely a decent location for players to clear. Its modest size is also an advantage as well.

4 – Novorepnoye

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Novorepnoye is not really a popular place due to its position on the map

Spawn chance for the gun: Very High. The risk level is Medium

This location is getting more popular as of late. Whenever Georgopol is not the first zone, it is possible for the player to drop here and look for the flare gun. The amount of competition here would be based on the skill level of the match, however.

The spawn location for the gun is pretty easy to detect. It can either be in the warehouses or above the containers. Besides that, the zone also has enough items for the entire squad.

3 – Mylta Power

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Mylta Power is pretty easy to clear out

Spawn chance: Medium. The Risk level is Low to Medium

This location is worth considering because of its low-risk rating, just like the shooting range. However, due to the fact that you can find a huge range of equipment here in a single building that its rated higher. You should just head to the main building first when infiltrating this location.

2 – Military Base

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The military base has pretty great drops but is usually swarmed with hostiles

Spawn chance: Very High. The risk level is Medium to High

This place contains a lot of buildings and that’s the reason why the spawn chance for the gun is super high. A lot of loots could be found here, and after that, you can immediately use them to set up a bridge camp to score some early kills. This zone is heavily contested if the plane route is right, however.

1 - Georgopol

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One of the most popular locations in Erangel. The risk is great and so is the reward.

Spawn chance: Very High. The risk level is High

This place is pretty much the best and most heavily contested to get the flare gun. It would spawn either on the top of containers or inside them. Sometimes you might find more than just one flare gun in this location. Along with the huge spawn rate, Georgopol also has some of the best drop lists in PUBG, so if you are landing on this location, prepare to fight immediately.

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