After the highly successful 0.16.0 patch, which brings Race Gear mode and a snow castle update to Erangel, Tencent Games and the developers of PUBG Mobile has decided to double down on it and release yet another update for the winter/Christmas season. Based on the leaks from the Chinese Beta Test version of the game, the 0.16.5 update is going to add various upgrades to the weather systems, along with related details like firewood and animals in Vikendi. More details from the upcoming Christmas update is also revealed as well

Additions and changes to Vikendi in the next patch:

Based on the beta test, it is likely that Vikendi would get colder – which means the map would be covered in even more snow. Various winter-themed animals would spawn, with both chicken and reindeers are reported to be a part of the themed map. Killing them and collect the meat might even be a part of the event, used in conjunction with firewood.

The Drone would be an airborne scouting tool

Matches and Firewood would be added to the collectible list. Based on what we have seen, they would be used by players to warm themselves up and process the collected meat. The player character would regain health by consuming the cooked food. There would also be a drone that players could collect from airdrops.

Details about the Christmas Event:

The Christmas event would be pretty goofy

Based on details from the Chinese Beta Test, the main attraction of the Christmas update would be a Santa who would drop gifts filled with loot. There would also be a special music grenade that could make players dance after its tune when triggered. Furthermore, during the Christmas season, Santa’s magical flying sleigh might even become a real vehicle for players to control.

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