In the latest update 0.16.0 released on December 11th, PUBG Mobile added angry birds throwables at Spawn Island before getting in the plane. It’s launched in celebrating the 10th year of Angry Birds. Let’s check out this limited event right here.

Angry Birds Come To PUBG Mobile

Angry Bird throwables are available at the spawn island when players are waiting for the plane to bring you to the Classic matches. You can throw those colorful birds at the wooden structures or green pigs lying insides like in the game Angry Birds.

Pubg Mobile Brings Angry Birds To Spawn Island
PUBG Mobile Brings Angry Birds To Spawn Island

Moreover, PUBG Mobile also released Angry Bird events lasting from December 11 to 30, 2019. It lets players complete missions, collect snowballs, and throw to get points. When reaching a milestone, players will get a reward. You can get a supply crate coupon (50 points), avatar frame (200 points), Nutcracker M16A4 skin (400 points), and a Valiant Red ornament (800 points).

The coming of colorful throwable birds will bring players more excitement before the match begins. Besides, players also have chances to get fantastic items in this special event.

Angry Birds Event
Angry Birds Event

PUBG Mobile’s Latest Update

Angry Birds Event is not the only brand-new feature in this latest update of PUBG Mobile. In addition to this event, this version also added some exciting game modes and enhancements. Significantly, a new snowy Erangel map will provide players with unprecedented and fascinating gameplay. Players can land on iced spots on the map and experience new features such as snowboarding or cable cars.

Pubg Mobile Ragegear Mode
PUBG Mobile RageGear Mode

New RageGear Pick Up and RageGear TDM modes are also added to EvoGround 0.16.0 version. You team up with five other players and go in random pair, one driver and one shooter. Your mission is to collect Point Crates or RageGear to win the match. In these modes, players are spawned endlessly until the match finishes.