Christmas season usually comes with event updates for every single video game under the sun, and PUBG is not an exception. It is going to get a complete makeover in December, with additional snow, pine trees, and even presents. Just a while ago, the 5.3 Holiday update of PUBG has finally been synced to the live server, and with it, a lot of balance and quality-of-life fixes. The final update of the year brought gun favoriting, blood splatter changes, and holiday-themed hearth screen.

PUBG's main menu is getting an holiday-themed upgrade

Blood splatter effects are getting improved in this update – they can even be used in gameplay calculations now. If players are hit while staying near surfaces like walls and floors, blood splatter would appear on them. Based on that, you would get a visual confirmation if you manage to damage an enemy.

Blood splatter is very important sometimes

The amount of blood is also based on hit position as well, with neck shot getting the biggest effect. Overall, players would now have a way to know which body part was hit.

Set a gun to be your favorite to display your stats with the gun

The settings of the game are now synced through the cloud. If you play PUBG on multiple PCs, your settings would not have to be reconfigured every time.

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Your settings would now be cloud-synced

Finally, let's talk about game changes. You would be able to set a single weapon as your favorite. There could only be one of that at a time, and your stats while using the weapon would be displayed to your PUBG ID. This is more or less a fluff change so that players would care more for the PUBG ID function instead of just modify it once then drop. Various themed cosmetics items were added – and they look somewhat unsettling. The only piece that could be bought with Battle Points is the gingerbread mask, the rest are cash shop only.

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