A 13-year-old boy from Maharashtra allegedly fled from his residence after his father opposed his idea of playing PUBG Mobile tournament held locally in his area. The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon when the boy asked Rs 50 from his father to pay tournament entry charges.

His father, a Maths teacher in a private school disliked his son's addiction to PUBG Mobile. He often ended up beating up his son for not studying during exams. Teen's friends have given their statement to local police and have claimed that the 13-year-old boy played PUBG for 8 hours a day and was a good player.

Pubg Addiction Rises In India
PUBG Addiction Rises In India

According to police, the 13-year-old boy left his house on the pretext of attending tuition classes. When he did not return home in the evening, friends and family members started a frantic search. They also learnt that the teen did not attend his tuition class. But he went to meet one of his friends and borrowed Rs 100 on the pretext of buying books.

His friend stated that at around 4 pm on Tuesday, the 13-year-old boy visited his locality and sought help but he did not reveal his whereabouts. Soon, the family members approach the police and registered a case of kidnapping. Police officers also checked the residence to find if the kid has left any note.

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A senior police officer said, "We will speak to his classmates and raise an alert to neighbor police stations. We have sent photographs of the teen to nearby stations in order to identify the teen. We have been told that the father was not happy with his results in previous exams. He was completely engrossed in playing PUBG Mobile when his parents were out for work. Being their only son, the family is in a state of trauma and we are trying our best to locate him."

Meanwhile, the neighbors have started a social media campaign and circulated teen's photographs on social media platforms for any leads. "He is a good friend of mine. He should have spoken to me instead of running away from his house. We hope he is safe and will return back home soon," said a neighbor.