Games that take the settings of the Wild West with cowboys and gunfights come to the industry in all shapes and sizes. Recently, we've seen West of Dead - a stylish isometric shooter with a Ghost Rider, This Land Is My Land - a game about a tribe leader protect his homeland and the notorious Red Dead Redemption 2 with a bunch of errors and heavy updates.

However, it's very rare to find a game that combines a fantasy world with the Wild West theme, and Weird West is the newest one we know. It's the product from the developer WolfEye Studios, which consists of co-devs of Dishonored and Prey.

The game marks the debut of this new combination at The Game Award 2019 with a gameplay trailer, which you can see down here:

A quick introduction of Weird West

The publisher Devolver Digital didn't give us any information about Weird West's story yet. All we've known so far is that it will bring you to a dark fantasy version of the Wild West with the gunslingers live together with fantastical beings. Through the early images, we can be quite sure that it will contain werewolf, secret religious groups and many more to be revealed.

Weird West Tga 2019 Announced 2
The land of smokes and bullets now welcome its new inhabitants: fantastical creatures

Instead of providing us something about the characters or what happens, the developer only hints that we will dive into the story of a group of unusual heroes, on their journey to write their own legend. We will be the one deciding how their journey will end up through our decisions that will cause irreversible consequences.

Weird West Tga 2019 Announced 4
Your decisions will change the world forever

Basically, Weird West is a heavy choice-driven game, where every action we do will change the world. On the other side, you'll take control of your characters from a top-down perspective, and follow them to unforgiving battles in this weird land to find ancient powers.

Weird West Tga 2019 Announced 1
Follows the cowboy with werewolf power to the deadly frontier

From the trailer and screenshots, you will fight your opponents through the Wild West-themed gunfires, in which you can interact with the environment to turn the battles to your favor, or fight as a fierce werewolf tearing down your enemies. Additionally, you can prepare weapons and some usable items, as well as upgrade your skills and stats prior to the battles.

Weird West Tga 2019 Announced 5
Weird West features a lot of items, weapons, and upgradable stats for you to experience

Release date and supported platforms

The publisher Devolver Digital and the developer WolfEye Studios hasn't announced the official release date for Weird West yet.

Weird West Tga 2019 Announced 3
Weird West will come out for PC on an unknown date

However, we know for sure that the game will come out for PC via Steam, and information on consoles support will come in the future.