When it comes to games with a Wild West theme, Red Dead Redemption is of course the first name that most people think of. However, sometimes it’s interesting to take a look at a game that has a similar premise, but a vastly different approach to the subject. This Land is My Land — which just entered Early Access on Steam — is a new open-world game that takes place in America during the late 19th century where you’d play from the perspective of a Native American. Check out its trailer below:

As the leader of a small Native American tribe in an age where white settlers are expanding rapidly, you shall have to unite neighboring tribes in a desperate struggle to reclaim your homeland.

Thankfully, you won’t be alone on this quest. Many warriors are inspired by your leadership, and they shall be the backbone of your survival. You can send them out to collect resources, put up camps, and carry out many other activities. If you so wish, they can even fight alongside you in battles.

This Land Is My Land 2 78cb_wm
Send warriors to collect resources and carry out other activities

Reclaiming your territory is going to be a long quest, so you’ll have to come up with strategies to take down the many hostile camps, settlements, forts, and mines that stand in your way. Once these places are cleared of enemies, you can assign men to hold them and gradually expand your influence.

Being a much lesser-known name, This Land is My Land doesn’t have a big budget like Red Dead Redemption 2, so the developer has come up with ways to compensate while still maintaining decent value. While RDR2 features a massive map, This Land is My Land’s is much smaller, but the world will reset on each new game. The layout will stay the same, but enemy camps, patrols, and many other factors will change.

In terms of combat, the game puts a much greater emphasis on stealth than shooting. Becoming one with the shadow, you’ll find ways to pick off foes one by one, relying on the various traps and baits at your disposal to cause panic or confusion.

This Land Is My Land 1175_wm
Rely on stealth to take down enemy camps

Karma is another factor here as well, meaning every decision you make will lead to different results, which could be positive or negative depending on your action.

As mentioned, This Land is My Land is now available for Early Access on Steam. Early feedbacks are looking positive so far, though no official launch date is confirmed yet. Stay tuned for more updates.