At The Game Awards 2019 recently, Microsoft is very excited to announce the official name for their next-gen console: Xbox Series X (or we used to know as Xbox Scarlett). And since Sony has nothing much to show about PS5 at this event, it still got some spotlight with the introduction of Godfall - a PS5-exclusive for consoles.

Godfall is the brainchild of the developer Counterplay Games, and will reach out to the public through the hands of Gearbox Publishing. If you find this name familiar but don't remember where you've heard it, Gearbox Publishing is the publisher of the extremely famous 'looter-shooter' series Borderlands.

Considering how successful Borderlands 3 is, you can expect this next-gen 'looter-slasher' will be. Below is the reveal trailer for Godfall that you can go to check for yourself:

Overview on Godfall

At this moment, there has been little information about the story of Godfall yet. From the publisher, we only know that Godfall will take place in a fantasy world with magic and knights, and that's all. But that's not the ordinary fantasy world that you are familiar with.

Godfall Ps5 Pc Announced 4
The fantasy world of Godfall looks too ... futuristic

It might still keep the familiar races and beings, but this world is filled with highly-advanced technology with shiny armor and awesome weapons. From the trailer, it seems that we will follow the battle of the three unknown titular heroes, wielding their own power and weapons in the war that last for thousands of years.

Godfall Ps5 Pc Announced 1
Join the three heroes to fight in the thousand-year war

Gameplay features

While the trailer didn't give us much useful information, the publisher Gearbox Publishing also gave us small combat footage extracted from the game. You can see it down here:

Counterplay Games named their latest game a 'next-gen looter-slasher' with interesting melee combat mechanics. To be more specific, Godfall takes a new approach to the third-person melee action game, where you'll not rush to the enemies like a maniac but will have to focus on timing, dodging and strike back.

Bosses and monsters will not just stand there eating your full combo, so you'll have to slash them down gradually one hit by one hit. Every hit matters in this game, so you'll gain the most success by sharpening your skills rather than smashing your button.

Godfall Ps5 Pc Announced 5
The bosses are very tough to fight against

That's the 'slasher' part - and let's come to the 'looter'. Godfall consists of many missions that require you to slay huge bosses and rewards you will head-turning loots. They can be legendary weapons or other equipment such as armor or enchanters, which you can choose to build your own character to match with your playstyles.

Godfall Ps5 Pc Announced 2
Bosses will reward you with legendary items

Last but not least, Godfall is developed to be best-played by co-op. Players can still enjoy the beautiful bright world and innovative gameplay all alone, but the bosses are very challenging - to the point that it's all most impossible to kill them on your own. And since there are three main characters, you can invite two more friends to help you with your battles. It's not only about having more players but it's also about the attack combination feature of the game, allowing you to perform massive combos in tandem from different angles.

Release date and supported platforms

The publisher Gearbox Publishing has announced that Godfall will come out in Holiday 2020, which means we will have to wait for one more year to try the game. But that doesn't matter, since apart from PC, the game will be available on PS5. To our knowledge, this is the first PS5-exclusive game for consoles.

Godfall Ps5 Pc Announced 3
Godfall will come out in late 2020

PC gamers will get the game via Epic Games Store at launch, and it will not come to other storefronts soon.