The upcoming remake of Final Fantasy 7 is going to be a PS4 exclusive title for the first 12 months. Based on a box art leak, everyone who doesn’t own a PlayStation would have to wait until March 3 of 2021 to play the game. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is confirmed for both Xbox and PC.

Final Fantasy Vii Remake 7520
The iconic shot on the original cover art of the game

The reveal about this exclusive deal by Square Enix is not a surprise, as snapping up exclusives have been Sony’s general rule for quite a long time. For such an iconic game like Final Fantasy 7, it is just obvious. The original version was pretty much one of the biggest hits on the first PlayStation – this is pretty much Sony’s chance to make use of those nostalgia to bring back the glory days, even if the PS4’s life cycle is coming to an end soon. Final Fantasy was once a franchise closely tied with the PlayStation lines, however, they have been expanding to other systems over the years.

Final Fantasy Vii Remake Details Tida
Cloud and Tifa ready for battle

The game is being separated into multiple parts, with the first one being exclusively on Midgar. While the area was only a few hours worth of playtime in the original, Square Enix has somehow expanded it up to about two Blu-ray disc worth of material. The first part would be out on March 3 of 2020, with the later parts coming very soon.

The gameplay in the remake would be a combination of FF 15’s combat system and the original turn-based gameplay. They would definitely satisfy the action RPG crowd, as much of the gameplay would involve spamming attacks to charge up a power meter for various super attacks.

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