With the boom of World of Warcraft Classic, we can say that the gaming community loves classic video games. That is why a lot of gamers around the world put high expectation on the next title from Square Enix Final Fantasy 8 Remastered. This game has just been officially released today, and it is expected to be the title to play while waiting for Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Final Fantasy Viii Remastered
Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

Although just got released a few couples of hours ago, some diehard fans of the Final Fantasy game series has already noticed some strange things about the graphics of the remastered title, especially about the way this game censors its sensitive features. There are a lot of sensitive features in the origin Final Fantasy 8 (mostly the character designs), so it is easy to understand that Square Enix will add some censorship to the remastered title. But the way this game censors is quite “bias.”

First of all, let’s take a look at the design of Siren character. In the original title, she had a super sexy design, but when it comes to the remastered title, her “feather” dress has cover all around her waist, covering all her groin part.

There is surely censorship for the remastered Rinoa

But in the remastered title, design for character Shiva has not been changed at all, and we all know how sexy she is.

Gf Shiva1
No cencorship for the remastered Shiva at all

It looks like Square Enix might have some “bias” with the way it censors the characters in Final Fantasy 8 Remastered.