Role-playing games have been throwing us into several thrilling virtual worlds that we can get lost for eternity. In these worlds of fantasy, Final Fantasy series is considered a gold standard among all the RPGs. However, Final Fantasy isn’t the only classic RPGs in the world.

Final Fantasy series might be the genre’s pillar; nevertheless, there is still an abundance of RPGs that go leaps and bounds ahead of this game. Let’s have a look at 10 iconic RPGs that are able to challenge Final Fantasy for the crown.

10. Earthbound 

The game is an appropriate entry to the list. The game serves as both a parody and a tribute of the genre. Earthbound has combined the strange and the familiar together by using enemies in B-movies as well as the setting inspired by American.

Earthbound an underrated game despite having brilliant twists

Despite being a flop at first, after years, Earthbound has been considered a classic underrated game and soon became a cult amongst gamers. Thanks to the ports and re-launches, Ness’s adventures, along with his companion crew, have gained its own fans.

You can play Earthbound using NES and GBA.

9. Secret of Mana

When you combine Zelda-esque mechanics and the SNES Final Fantasy’s visuals, this game would be the outcome. In spite of being created from a spinoff of Final Fantasy, this game is totally distinctive.

The game is different from the Final Fantasy spinoff

At the time, RPGs that featured multiplayer, extraordinary magic system, or sort-of arcade hack-and-slash quality were rare. Even though there are some errors in the translation, the characters are funny, and the world is large, which makes the game really refreshing. You will never regret spending time on Secret of Mana despite the weird gameplay along with some flaws.

Secret of Mana is available for Windows, consoles, Android and iOS.

8. Skyrim

Skyrim is so outstanding that it is not just a normal titan game

Skyrim is an iconic game in the world of RPGs and adventure-action games, not just simply a modern titan game. It is recognizable, quotable, and undoubtedly an epic game. Almost everyone has taken Dovahkiin’s role and take on the quest in order to rescue Skyrim from powerful dragons.

It has every typical RPG trimmings and trappings. Players can follow the storyline, join several quests, or just do whatever they like. The distinctive freedom is what makes Skyrim become a classic.

Skyrim is available for Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox, and Switch.

7. Dragon Age

This Bioware’s series is the combination of several RPG breeds, from JRPG’s adventurers to the options system from the West, as well as some D&D flavor. What makes Dragon Age in the list is the famous Bioware’s storytelling method.

Dragon Age is a mixture of different RPG breeds

The series can satisfy any classic RPG fan in a realm of fantasy that is full of dragons, elves, lore, and dwarves that Tolkien would proud of. Dragon Age is perfect for players who are into joining an adventurous party to save the world.

Dragon Age is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, OS X.

6. Fire Emblem

If you want more than controlling an adventurous party, Fire Emblem might be a choice. In this tactical series, you will be a general who leads your forces battling with enemies. Basically, the Fire Emblem concept is a mixture of chess and fantasy RPG.

The game is checking your intelligence by the mind-bending battle system and deep narrative

Fire Emblem series has a lot to experience since it is among the most well-known franchises in the genre. This tactical game will test players’ brains by ongoing and deep narrative, a mind-bending and complicated battle system, along with tons of impressive characters, which will satisfy your RPG taste.

You can play Fire Emblem on Nintendo consoles, Android and iOS.

5. The legend of Zelda

Zelda could stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Skyrim

People usually think of Zelda as an adventure-action title. However, when considering the original game’s features such as magical items, an abundance of weapons, an immense overworld, or tools you need to look for to continue the story, and fairies, it's hard to say that Zelda is not an RPG. There are also lots of similarities between the game and early JRPGs, mainly in terms of visuals. The graphics in later games in the series can be even compared with games such as Skyrim.

The legend of Zelda is available for all Nintendo consoles.

4. Pokemon series

It would be amiss if we don’t mention Pokemon in this list, the most iconic classic RPGs of all time. First released in the 90s, the Pokemon series has been developing dramatically and became a gaming staple. This series has influenced the gaming culture much more than any other games.

Having an adorable setting and lovable characters, Pokemon is an internationally well-known series

The series put original JRPG features into adorable and engaging setting in the world where you take your team of creatures into battle as well as discover it. You will spend hours in the series since there is an abundance of Pokemon to gather.

You can play Pokemon using any handheld console of Nintendo or using an emulator.

3. Diablo series

Diablo series is an iconic RPG of the action genre. It takes typical RPG elements and dredges them in hellspawn and demon’s blood as well as hack and slash features. It could be described as a special marriage of 2 different playstyles working beyond belief.

Diablo has a variety of gameplay term to choose from

The game offers tons of builds and items for players to choose. You can battle legions of abundant bosses and monsters, different classes, and collect hoards of loot. Diablo has plentiful features and a trilogy. Diablo is one of the most successful game for PC by Blizzard.

2. Dragon Quest series

Dragon Quest is one of the biggest rivals of Final Fantasy series. In fact, it was inspired by some series, but thanks to the whimsical design as well as original fantasy lore, it can rival against the RPG juggernaut.

Dragon Quest series is the strongest enemy of the Final Fantasy series

Dragon Quest was designed by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, which is why it is easy for everyone to love the character design. Even though there are some games in the series require a lot of grinding, exploring new stuff in the process make grinding more interesting and less tedious.

Dragon Quest is available for Windows, iOS, and consoles.

1. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest RPGs ever been created. Its storyline, mechanics were blended so well that it has become an iconic title. Undoubtedly, Chrono Trigger has an impressive reputation.

Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs of all time

Chrono Trigger has lovable characters, meaningful lore about time-travel along with rescuing the world, as well as several endings. The action in this RPG is intense and powerful. The combats are original yet with a sharp twist. You absolutely need to play this game as soon as you can.

Chrono Trigger is available for Windows, Android, iOS, SNES and PS.