We have just received the teaser trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake a while ago during the State of Play of PlayStation. Even though this trailer is quite short, there are many details of the game we could spot in that 1-minute long video. Here is our list of ten details that you have missed in that trailer.

#10 Classic CLOUD

10 Important Details You Missed In The Teaser Trai
Cloud has some updates to be suitable for the modern time

Of course, Cloud is back with this remake and his look in this Remake is just like back in Final Fantasy 7. Still, he has some updates to be suitable for the modern time. He still has his classic appearance of spiky hair, that bolted shoulder pad, the baggy pants, and the Buster Sword. He still features that Limit Breaker move from the original game as we saw his Cross Slash in the trailer. However, from the trailer, we didn't get to see any interactions of him in the overworld such as answering or talking to others with the well-known Final Fantasy 7 text box.

Yet we got to see that when not in a fight, he usually run and climb around the levels to solve various puzzles. There is no footage of him in Midgar within the trailer but I think it is safe to assume there would be many interactions with him outside of combat.

#9 Materia?

10 Important Details You Missed In The Teaser Trai
Cloud has two slots in the Buster Sword for two Materia

In the original game and in the Remake, Cloud both has two slots in the Buster Sword for two Materia.

While Cloud will keep all of his original moves he might also have the same Materia system in this Remake as his sword still has two Materia slots. In the trailer, there are moments where we could only see one slot for Materia on the Buster Sword. But since, the sword also has another slot just above the hilt so one slot doesn't seem to be the case. We have two characters that use slashes are Aerith and Cloud. When being used they will emit some kind of blue sparks, maybe that when the Materia comes into effect.

As the Materia used to boost up the abilities and spells it is quite an important item in the game. The only question about it remains is how deep the developer is going to make the system of Materia. How will they integrate the Materia with all those future members of the party? Will they streamline the system to encourage the players to match and mix their abilities? We don't know yet but usually, Square Enix is quite generous on how they get the players to use the mechanics.

#8 A New Combat System?

10 Important Details You Missed In The Teaser Trai
The Remake will have an Open Combat System

From the look of it, seems like the Remake will take note from FFXV as the party and Cloud will feature a kind of Open Combat system. With this system, you could jump in to take control of your party members in the middle of a battle. If they feature this system, it means that in a difficult situation you can just jump in to take control of Baret and with his barrage of bullets you could turn the whole thing around. Of course, you might as well use Cloud to deliver some extra damage as well.

#7. The English Voice Acting of Aerith

Ff7 Remake Aerith
Aerith Gainsborough gives Cloud a flower

Aerith is back in this Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the beloved flower girl of everyone. And she looks amazing. In the trailer, she greets Cloud in the bombing run while attempting to give a flower to Cloud. However, from the cut screen, we haven't got to see if there are an option for rejecting taking the flower from her yet. As she offering the flower to Cloud, you could notice the English lipsyncing on the scene.

#6 The Returning Enemies:

10 Important Details You Missed In The Teaser Trai
Sahagins are the turtle monsters that Cloud and Aerith encounter in the 30th seconds of the trailer

Those bosses Aps and Guard Scorpion will both make appearances in this Remake. And seems like they will retain their looks from the original game with some updates for 2019. Back in the day, most of the enemies in FF 7 all looked kinda strange and goofy, but that is one of the charms of FF7. The developer also brings Sahagins back, it is the turtle monsters with spears that Cloud and Aerith encounter in the 30th seconds of the trailer. That means those creatures like Chocobos and Cactuars will also appear in a similar appearance as their original counterparts. By the way, Guard Scorpion will return and attack with its tail up.

#5 Wedge, Biggs and Jessie

10 Important Details You Missed In The Teaser Trai
Jessie helped us many times throughout the adventure of Cloud

In this case, you will definitively appreciate the usage of original art in this modern Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Back in FF7, Wedge and Biggs are a goofballs pair that played a supporting role. Together with them is Jessie, who helped us many times throughout the adventure of Cloud. There was also an option to flirt with Jessie. Other from that, seems like in the Remake they will still have supporting roles because they don't look like they will become members of Cloud's party. This is quite unfortunate because they have received updates that make them look quite capable of fighting.

#4 TIFA?

10 Important Details You Missed In The Teaser Trai
It is clear that Tifa will fight alongside Barret and Cloud, but still, in the trailer, she is always out of our view

In the video, you can see her name everywhere, there are some instances she joins Barret and Cloud. Other times she joins the fight with Aerith and Cloud against the sewers. One small tiny problem is that you would never see her on-camera. The developers have hidden Tifa from our view, maybe they haven't finished her yet or she still has important design change. Whatever the case, it is sure that she will be in the final game alongside with the other members.

#3 Cloud will meet Sephiroth early?

10 Important Details You Missed In The Teaser Trai
We have seen Cloud talked to Sephiroth in a destroyed factory

When Cloud meets with this mysterious Sephiroth, in fact?

This mysterious man has appeared very prominently in this trailer of the Remake. We have seen Cloud talked to him in a destroyed factory. In the original game, Cloud doesn't meet him up until halfway through the main story. Maybe this is a change in the Remake, or what is in the trailer is only a flashback of Cloud. Still, it makes much more sense if Square Enix wants to fresh thing up because the story of FF7 is kinda convoluted in the ending part.

#2 Maybe this trailer is just Episode 1?

Maybe this is just the trailer for episode 1

This Remake of Final Fantasy 7 is set to be released in many episodes and seems like this trailer only cover the episode 1. Some scenes in the trailer only take place in the beginning part of the game where Cloud blows up the first reactor to kill the boss. Then there is also the gameplay of the sewer fights with Tifa and Aerith. Because this video is just a 1-minutes trailer so it is hard to squeeze everything in it. But in case it is just the first episode then there is plenty left to see of the game upon its release.

#1. On PS4, Or PS5?

The game will be released for PS4 first

Square Enix says that they will release Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4, not PS5. We have the confirmation from Sony that they will not release the PS5 version in the next 12 months. So the release day of the Remake will be within that time frame if not even sooner. However, surely there will be also a version of the game for the upcoming PS5 as they won't leave FF7 hanging while new generation rolls out.