You might have been familiar with the terms "MMORPG" - which is the abbreviation for "Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game". But what about "Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG"?

That's what Might And Delight is doing with its upcoming game - Book of Travels. To spoil a little bit, it's an online game but will only have a small number of players in each server.

Let's speak more about that later. Now, here's the trailer of the game, which you can give it a look:

Write your own book of your journey

Book of Travels is a very special game, taking place in the fairy tale world of Braided Shore. What makes this game standing out is that even though there are a lot of events happening in this world, there's actually nothing like a fixed story. To be more specific, each player's character can make their own story while encountering random events.

Book Of Travels A New Tiny Multiplayer Online Game
All of the events that you encounter will soon be in the Book of Travels

Furthermore, even though there are only a few players in each world, your story will very likely cross the others'. Hence, you might not only be the main protagonist in your story but the star in the others' as well. But if you don't like it, you can choose to go solo to survive in this world There's no restrictions or limit with missions and story in Book of Travels.

Book Of Travels A New Tiny Multiplayer Online Game
May our fates intertwine verily!

This unique features might be very exciting to some daring free souls, but it might be unsuitable for some craving for narratives. However, Book of Travels has much more things to provide in its gameplay, and you can find your interest in the game from our overview below:

Special features of Book of Travels

1. Create your own character

Rather than focusing on classes and stats, Book of Travels emphasizes more on personality and identity. To be more specific, you'll create your characters from 20+ forms, choosing the best for your playstyle and your goals. The characters vary from a brave adventurer, a magic practitioner, or even a gambler.

But that doesn't mean the game doesn't have any skills or stats at all. In fact, players can choose to master some from 300+ abilities, magic and passive. The skills you choose to unlock will heavily influence your characters and your experience playing the game. In order to unlock those skills, you can explore some hidden places, gather through quests and trade with other players. Winning one battle will potentially grant you some rewards, but losing will give you knowledge about the skills.

Book Of Travels A New Tiny Multiplayer Online Game
Further information about the combats will come in the future

2. Write your own story in the hand-painted world

Speaking about the story, the whole world of Braided Shore is made from the fairy tales, Eastern myths, and folklore from even the earlier eras. You'll explore these beautiful hand-painted visuals via the mixture of 2D side-scrolling and 3D adventure. Getting to random events will grant you chances to unravel the world's secret, new characters, and tips for further exploring.

Book Of Travels A New Tiny Multiplayer Online Game
Explore this world through both 2D and 3D click-to-move

And even though this world is very vast, you won't have to explore them by your feet. Instead, you can find vehicles to get you to many places without spending too many time walking. Furthermore, it even gets you and your friends to unreachable places.

3. Commit to this world, together

The developer Might and Delight wants to make this game last forever, so they'll bring content updates and events in the future. However, it will also take the player's feedback into consideration to make more characters, more quests, and the narrative will follow on.

Book Of Travels A New Tiny Multiplayer Online Game
More and more events will come in the future

Book of Travels will air on Steam at an unknown date in 2020.