The world is already very harsh for a person, and this puppet is going to see it through her own eyes (and strings). A Juggler's Tale is bringing the story of the puppet escaping from the captors and experience the world for the first time in 2020.

Here's the quick gameplay footage back in July, which you can see for to catch some vibes:

A beautiful story with unique characters

A Juggler's Tale takes the settings of a fictional fantasy world of a puppet theatre play. The main protagonist of the game is the string puppet named Abby. Succeeded in escaping from her captors, she finally gets her freedom to adventure in this vast world.

A Juggler's Tale Tells The Adventure Of A String Pu
Abby has escaped the control of the captors and ready to experience her free life

However, this gorgeous world is not always full of goodness, but it also poses dangers as well. In fact, this medieval fairytale world was torn up by wars, leaving behind desolated and starving people. Even more tragic, as those people also have to struggles from the relentless killer, Tonda.

Can our puppet face what's waiting ahead? Well, at least she can try! Even though getting restricted by her strings, Abby recognized that she still has one chance to decide her own fate - winning the heart of the audience.

A Juggler's Tale Tells The Adventure Of A String Pu
Win the heart of the audience to control her own destiny

She'll have to embark in this eerie but beautiful world, avoiding the traps and plots to make her final wish come true - freedom!

Gameplay features

According to the developer, A Juggler's Tale is "an atmospheric 3D side-scrolling game" that takes the inspiration from many successful titles like Limbo or Little Nightmares. However, we can tell that the game is going to be narrative-heavy, as it did not receive the Best Story Award of Indie Arena Booth at Gamescom 2019 for no reason.

A Juggler's Tale Tells The Adventure Of A String Pu
A Juggler's Tale gained three more awards for its goods

The special thing about A Juggler's Tale is that every character appearing in this world is a puppet or marionette with strings. With the voice from the narrator and also the puppeteer - Jack, it's like we're hearing and watching a whole puppet play, and we can decide how the story is developing as well. Furthermore, the developer also revealed that there will be some connection between the characters and the narrators, which adds a new level of excitement for the game.

The gameplay mainly focuses on puzzle-solving, in which the puppets provide a new approach. To be more specific, the strings controlling the puppets don't allow them to go beneath objects, so you'll have to pull the strings around or ask some characters to get out of the sticky situation. After that, you can open the door from behind and reach the place you couldn't reach before.

A Juggler's Tale Tells The Adventure Of A String Pu
The string mechanics is the unique part of this 3D adventure game

The string mechanic is the main focus of the game, which most of the puzzles will rotate around.

Release date and supported platforms of A Juggler's Tale

A Juggler's Tale is still under development, and the developer planned to release the game in the latter half of 2020.

A Juggler's Tale Tells The Adventure Of A String Pu
The game is coming out in at some times around Q3 and Q4 of 2020

At launch, the game will only support PC, but the developer also planned to make a Switch version as well. However, it's not their priority right now, so Switch users might have to wait for a little longer after the PC release.