Although it is more difficult for companies to create 3D game than 2D one, 3D games have gained much popularity. Playing a 3D game makes the user feel that he is living as a part of it. Such splendid experiences give rise to curiosity in users, making 3D games outstanding in the gaming market. One of them is Fast-paced 3D platformer Cyber Hook, the game worth playing most in this year.

Fast-paced 3D platformer Cyber Hook is the collaboration between the indie developer Blazing Stick - Théo Touaty, and the publisher Graffiti Games. They are planning to launch the game on Switch, PC next year, in Q1 2020.

Cyber Hook
Cyber Hook

 We are excited to work with Graffiti Games to bring this fantastic 3D platform to Switch and PC early next year and we know that platformer fans too they will adore him “, he declared.

In general, they have created Cyber Hook under the form fast-paced, 3D platformer. It allows you to scale and ride walls by using parkour skills and a grappling hook. At the same time, you can use a finger laser gun to fight against enemies.

Fast-paced 3D platform with parkour skill
A fast-paced 3D platformer with parkour skill

3D Platformer KEY FEATURES:

According to Graffiti Games, the game includes some key features as follows:

  • Intense Parkour Action: Players can plunge at 150 km/h via a bevvy of platforming challenges. Be careful to time jumps accurately because one missed jump can mean life or death.
  • Tools At Your Disposal: To break the level, use a grappling hook and hook yourself onto blocks, while blasting foes and blocks in assistance of a laser finger gun.
  • Change The Game: Protect yourself from falling by wrapping time. New movement options are now available to make it past challenges. Besides, you can create your path by abusing physics and flying through the level.
  • Levels Galore: More than 70 levels in progress to test your parkour skills.
  • Worldwide Leaderboards: Battle with other players in the region or global leaderboard. Moreover, you can keep track of other players’ matches to determine what is the best strategies to elevate your levels

Fast-paced 3D platform Cyber Hook
Fast-paced 3D platformer Cyber Hook

Watch the announcement trailer in this link and discover the intense platform action.