As announced by developer Realmforge Studio and Kalypso Media, a brand-new strategy management game is on its way to hit the market and it’s Spacebase Startopia!

Generally, the title is a new version of the classic title back in 2001, and we should expect its arrival to major platforms around this time next year.

Spacebase Startopia Banner
Spacebase Startopia is coming for major platforms!

Spacebase Startopia lets you manage your own space station. In specific, you’ll be managing three distinct deck types, eight different races of aliens as well as defend alien invaders at the same time. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in space as the sarcastic narrator VAL is there to accompany you.

As a matter of fact, your goal is to create a wonderful tourist and trade attraction in the middle of the galaxy. There are challenging solo campaigns as well as a battle mode available, letting you have a fun time with up to four other players, friends or foes.

At the moment, you can get your hands on Spacebase Startopia in the Gamescom 2019 event. Head over to Kalypso Media booth D-13, Hall 2.1, business area to experience the game.

Take a look at the announcement trailer as below:

Key Game Features

There are a total of 10 single-player missions to play as the Spacebase Startopia Commander. Aim for nothing less than the most attractive tourist and trade destinations in the universe. At the same time, there’s the sandbox mode for you to play both competitively and cooperatively with four other players.

Spacebase Startopia Screen 2
Manage the decks and survive space.

As mentioned above, there are three decks for you to manage. Sub Deck is full of must-have Rooms for survival. The Fun Deck offers fun and recreational activities for visitors while the Bio Deck contains precious resources and Dryads.

Spacebase Startopia Screen 3
Get your Mech ready for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The Space Station provides you with Mech Units to either sabotage your enemies or attack them with strong forces. Be careful, Space Pirates are out there waiting to invade your station. VAL – the companion AI narrator will react to your decisions and will always on your side. However, unqualified comments will occasionally pop up, just enough to mess with you.

Spacebase Startopia Screen 4
Visually, Spacebase Startopia looks stunning with the amazing artwork of a Space Station.

For your information, Kalypso Media is using CSL Boostboxx high-end PCs with high-quality hardware from ASUS at Gamescom 2019, just for the optimal gaming experience for their dear fans and followers.

Spacebase Startopia is coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch & Mac in Q3 2020.