Lost Wing will take you into the toughest shooting actions! The action shooter title is coming out for PC in 2019, and you can try it shortly after Gamescom 2019 ends.

Down here is a trailer that gives you a glimpse on Lost Wing's gameplay. If you still struggle to imagine how this game looks, watch it with us:

About Lost Wing

Remember when we're young, begging our parents to buy the classic yellow 'consoles' to play the fast-paced pixel-dot racing game?

Ky Uc Tuoi Tho Cua 9x 3
We all know this epic consoles in our past

Well, Lost Wing is going to make you remember about that good-old time, but with much more gorgeous graphics. It's the product from the developer BoxFrog Game, and it's coming out for us in 2019 through the hands of 2Awesome Studio.

Lost Wing Gameplay Trailer Release Date 1
Lost Wing is coming out very soon

According to the developer, Lost Wing is all about actions! Basically, it's a fast-paced space shooter where you're controlling your spaceship through the bullet hell. You can already see it in the trailer, but let us tell you some special features in this game.

First of all, Lost Wing will put you in an extremely hardcore environment. Traps and gunfire are all over the place, so you'll have to reflexes very quickly and precisely to survive. To do that, the game gives you totally three abilities: boost, jump, shoot.

Lost Wing Gameplay Trailer Release Date 4
Lost Wing's gameplay is simple but fascinating

It sounds very simple, but the fast pace of the game is the thing that makes it really challenging. Feeling your heartbeat raised due to the adrenaline rush after each round is definitely an extraordinary experience!

Furthermore, in this HD Neon science-fiction world, you'll also have to face tough bosses, too. The bosses are very huge and have the same damage output as their sizes. Hence, learning their mechanics to dodge their attacks and strike back at suitable times is very crucial. Further exploring this world, you can unlock more ships and making them stronger with upgrades.

Lost Wing Gameplay Trailer Release Date 2
The bosses in this game are very huge!

Don't underestimate those upgrades, because the main objective in this game is about competing to get on top of the leaderboards. And as you progress through the game, it becomes very handy with harder levels as well!

Lost Wing Gameplay Trailer Release Date 5
You'll gain more points with greater combos

Fortunately, you'll experience all of these challenges with fancy electronic soundtrack. That's not such a big deal, but it certainly boosts the hype of your grinding.

Supported platforms

Lost Wing is heading to PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC through Steam in 2019. Even though we don't have any information on the exact release date yet, we still have a chance to try this game.

Lost Wing Gameplay Trailer Release Date 3
Lost Wing is heading to a wide range of devices with a closed beta test

The developer is planning to release a closed beta version of the game in August. It comes shortly after Gamescom 2019, and you need to join their Discord server to receive this version.