Oxygen Not Included, a space-colony simulation survival game from the same developer who created the famous game Don't Starve, is coming out of Early Access on Steam on July 30. The main task in this game is, of course, to survive and grow your space colony, and it is not going to be easy.

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Try to survive and then ultimately grow your space colony

Into the game, you will manage a bunch of workers who are sent to the depths of an asteroid to work and develop a space colony. But, in order to do that, you have to help them survive the harsh environment there first, from creating oxygen, food, warmth to keeping them from being ill and going insane.

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You need to make sure there is enough oxygen for everyone

You will have 3 workers at first, and then that number will increase gradually as you expand and thrive. However, unlike Don't Starve, you don't have the direct control over your colonist. Instead, all you can do is hand out tasks and assign priorities from 1-9 to each of them. Not having direct control over your characters certainly make everything much harder and more realistic as you have to watch the colonists' behavior and act accordingly. For example, you need to build hygiene facilities in paths that workers take or they won't use it at all.

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Problems will arise unexpectedly so be prepared

Problems will come to you very often, and you will always need a backup plan if things go wrong. If you just started playing the game, be patient. There are a lot of elements you have to learn in the game and it's likely that you will fail miserably in the first time, but you will learn and progress more each time.

Oxygen Not Included has been released on Steam's Early Access since 2017 and it will be fully launched on July 30 for PCs through Steam.