Legends of Aria is a brand-new RPG by developer Citadel Studios. The game is currently under the final stage of development and is expected to hit Steam with an Early Access version on August 6.

Legends of Aria - A new MMORPG by Citadel Studios.

As a sandbox MMORPG just like Eve Online or Ultima Online, Legends of Aria offers a fully customizable environment. Decisions made by players will matter the most. Either as experienced Mage or determined Warrior, courageous Treasure Hunter or skilled Blacksmith - you can form and experience the world of Legends of Aria at your own will.

The vast open-world in Legends of Aria looks incredibly appealing.

Legends of Aria offers a true skill-based system, which means you are free to build your character. No matter what you choose to become, you will need to practice and sharpen your specific abilities throughout the game. The whole world is forged and defined by the community, so it will be undoubtedly huge and have lots of places for exploration. While you can begin your own personal journey at any time, the most feasible way to survive seems to be joining friendly guilds or swearing loyalty to an aged faction.

Join the game with players from all over the world.

All in all, thanks to the hard work of Citadel Studios, Aria is now a land of endless opportunities for players to truly live in their own world. The Early Access version of the game will expectedly come up with loads of new contents, including the bard skill-line, a new weapon and armor enchanting system, tons of in-game cosmetics and of course, changes to the ruleset affecting the gameplay. "We’re making the world of Aria a much friendlier place to live,” said CEO of Citadel Studios, Derek Brinkmann.

You're free to choose your own path.

The developer is expecting to push its game to the Early Access stage on August 6. Mark your calendar right now and patiently wait for the upcoming MMORPG.