Rooster Teeth Games has announced their quirky wild 'uncooperative' shooter - Vicious Circle. To be more specific, this game is heading to Steam next month, and the developer has already planned a roadmap for it!

Before learning how this game can be 'uncooperative', let's watch the trailer below:

Vicious Circle is coming out in August

From the owner of the famous animated series RWBY - Rooster Teeth, we have this strange uncooperative shooter - Vicious Circle.

Basically, the game will trap 5 players in a closed arena. The players in this game are called the mercenary. Once everyone gets in, there will be one player to be the 'chosen one'. He/she will become the unstoppable force - a mad giant chicken that wants to wreck everyone wants his/her nuggets. From that moment, there will be two sides with different win conditions.

Vicious Circle New Uncooperative Multiplayer Shoot
One random player will become a mad giant chicken!

With the side of the massive chicken creature, its win condition is very simple: kill every mercenary. However, even though you're a huge monster, you're basically a load of nuggets that doesn't stand a chance if the mercenaries work together. The only chance you can get this is to separate conquer them one by one. And don't worry, the mercenaries have their jobs, too, and they might betray each other later on.

Vicious Circle New Uncooperative Multiplayer Shoot
Split them and smack them to death!

Well, I shouldn't have said 'betray', as, in fact, the mercenaries don't work cooperatively. The win condition for a mercenary is that you are the one with the most loots and reach the evac zone. There will be only one winner, so they'll find ways to prevent each other from winning.

Vicious Circle New Uncooperative Multiplayer Shoot
Collect the loots and be the final winner

Since the mercenaries can't directly harm each other, they'll have to perform some dirty moves. It might include closing the door and lock your 'mates' with the chicken, or use gadgets to suck the loots away from other players' bank. Those gadgets are scattering in the arena, you should collect them while dodging the chicken.

Vicious Circle New Uncooperative Multiplayer Shoot
Hit your teammate with a baseball bat is not a bad idea!

However, the match doesn't just stop there. The vicious circle only begins where a player dies. If a mercenary dies, he/she will become a Lil' Dipper. It's literally a bug that allows you to take control of any mercenary's body. Also, that includes all the loots he/she's carrying. But don't laugh too soon, as the mercenary that you steal become a Lil'Dipper himself, and he is very angry to get his body back!

Vicious Circle New Uncooperative Multiplayer Shoot
The Lil' Dipper can possess other mercenaries' bodies

After all, "what goes around comes around"!

Details on future updates in the roadmap

Taken this chance, Rooster Teeth also proves their dedicate by providing players with Vicious Circle's roadmap. Specifically, there will be new maps and new monster along with a Battle Pass following its launch.

The specific information is here, which you can see for yourself:

Vicious Circle New Uncooperative Multiplayer Shoot
Vicious Circle's Season 1-2 roadmap

Feeling really excited yet?