To prepare for its release later this year, Hoverloop has announced its milestones update with a lot of features. It's even better, as you can try the game for free on Steam now with its Early Access version!

Hoverloop is basically a multiplayer arena fighting game, where you control your drones to join the battle. Here's an awesome trailer to give you a brief demonstration on how the game looks:

The background story

Hoverloop takes place in the future world, where the 21st-century trend of arena battle has become a popular means of entertainment. In fact, it has dominated all other forms of entertainment and rises to the top of the industry.

And in the year 2077, a league becomes human's most favorite, and that is Hoverloop. The modern Colosseum is now filled with drone gladiators, fighting at all cost with each other to gain the final glory.

Drone Fighting Arena Game Hoverloop Provides Major
Drone fighting arena - Hoverloop - is the trend in 2077

With crowds are wild at every battle, shouting the names of the winner, and laughing at the face of the losers. The winners get them all, from money to reputation, while the losers are humiliated and expelled from society.

That explains why people are so crazy about this arena!

Hoverloop welcome players with its free Early Access delivery

Hoverloop has been under development for a while, and have received a lot of positive feedbacks from its backers. And now, the developer Not A Company have worked with Cronos Interactive - a Belgian publisher to deliver the Early Access version of the game on Steam.

Drone Fighting Arena Game Hoverloop Provides Major
Put on a toilet roll hat seems like a great idea!

If you haven't heard of Hoverloop yet, it's described by the developer as a "multiplayer arcade arena combat game". Instead of directly jumping yourself into the battleground, you'll control your drones to shot down the others'. The last drone flying will be the winner, and the player will receive rewards for its glory.

Drone Fighting Arena Game Hoverloop Provides Major
Gain a wide range of cosmetic and weapons for your drone

The game brings many fascinating features, including:

- Building your own drone: You can choose from a wide array of options to customize your drone, both visually and functionally. You can change your drone's colors, hats or materials, as well as equip it with unique abilities, such as blinking or firing death ray.

- Fighting in the arena: The game will throw you into the arena with other drones, where you have to blow them up with your weapons from your arsenal. You'll also have to deal with other drones' attack as well, so equipping yourself with a dodging ability is crucial.

- Play with your friends: Have fun together with your friends on a local match (up to four players) and online match (up to 8 players).

- A variety of game modes: Apart from the normal arena mode, players can also experience PvE mode as well, in which you'll have to deal with waves of AI. Deathmatch mode are also available!

You can't play it online yet but can still have fun playing locally

Even though this update provides a lot of enhancement, such as in AI and UI experience, it still lacks the most important one that we've been waiting for - the online play.

However, the developer has promised that the online play support will come with its official release in Fall 2019. We won't have to wait for long to try it!

And we won't have to wait in boredom either, as the game still supports local split-screen plays. Invite your friends, sit down in front of a big screen, and join in the drone arena is not a bad choice at all!

Hoverloop will come out very soon, so stay up to date with Gurugamer to receive the latest update when the game launch.