After last week's leaks, Ubisoft has finally announced its new sport game - Roller Champions. It's a game that locks you in the 3v3 arena, where you can have fun skating and scoring while smacking your opponents in the face!

Haven't figured out how the game will be yet? Take a look at this trailer:

Another title from E3 to look forward to

At E3 2019, Ubisoft revealed a new action-sports title - Roller Champions. It is the game that provides players with similar experience in the car-soccer title Rocket League. However, instead of hitting the ball with your cars to score goals like soccer, Roller Champions brings some vibes of volleyball, basketball while skating.

And even American football as well!
And even American football as well!

In Roller Champions, you will team up with 2 other players to compete in the 3v3 match. The basic rule is that: you and your teammates will have to bring the ball while skating around the arena one, two or three times before stylishly smashing the ball into the hoop. The score will depend on the laps that you've traveled.

It's that simple. But don't think that's easy, because your opponents will prevent you from doing that at all costs by tackling you.

Roller Champions New Pvp Sport Game 3
Your opponents will have to tackle you at any costs!

Grinding the games will provide XP, which will result in the louder fan cheer and roar. Apart from that, as you level up, you'll have chances to unlock and upgrade your outfit, gear and customization items as well!

Roller Champions is a very promising title comparing with Rocket League

The game provides many features that are similar to Rocket League. First, they're both a 3v3 arena, in which teamwork plays an important role. Secondly, it requires you to bring the ball from point A to point B to score. And last but not least, both the games allow you (and your teammate, too) to be a complete troll.

In Rocket League, sparing one person to defend is very important, and the same goes with Roller Champions. However, Roller Champions brings the troll to another level by allowing you to tackle any opponents at any time, even when he/she is not controling the ball. This means you can have fun smacking your opponents to the ground and not caring about what's going on with the match.

Roller Champions New Pvp Sport Game 4
It's great to score, but hitting your opponents is fun, too!

Apart from that, I think Roller Champions is easier to get used to than Rocket League. In Rocket League, players will have to spend quite a lot of time experiencing the game to get used to shooting and passing mechanics. After all, controlling a car to hit the ball to a specific destination is never easy.

It's easier to do it directly by hands!
It's easier to do it directly by hands!

Meanwhile, in Roller Champions, it's a different story. The controls in the game, including passing, shooting and tackling, are all bound to one button. To use the mechanics suitably to perform multiple movements will require a lot of practice, but for newbies, it's not that important. You can still experience the major fun parts of the game without having any high-level mechanics!

You can get used to the game in no time!
You can get used to the game in no time!

To be short, Roller Champions is welcoming both new players and having pro-players grinding at the same time! That's the thing making this game to be a great attraction for every gamer, and open the small scene of an upcoming eSports title!

When can we try the game?

The game will officially release in early 2019, and it will be completely free-to-play. There was an alpha test version as well, but registration was closed on June 16.

See you in the arena!