It is official that Rocket League players from PC, Xbox, Switch, and PS4 can now participate in the same match.

Sonny has made its announcement that Rocket League has entered the PlayStation Cross-Play Beta program, which means that the famous game is going to support cross-platform. No longer those day that Rocket League players from PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox cannot play with one another.

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Sony has been strict with its cross-platform policy, which made it hard for other platforms to play with PS4, with the exception of allowing PS4 players join in a match with PC players. However, Psyonix hinted that they have successfully brought PS4 into the fold after Sony opened up and modified its cross-platform policy.

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Previously, PC players and PS4 can already join the same match, however, the change does influence the players. Before the Cross-Play Beta, players for example PC players can participate with either Xbox, or Switch, or PS4 on the same match, however, all platforms participating in the same match is never to be seen. With the new change, players from all mentioned platforms can take part in the same match. Usually, console players will be labeled as “Psynet” if you’re on PC platform.

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Although cross-platform play is enabled by default, it is worth to double check to make sure you have it turned on already, according to Rocket League developer Psyonix, cross-platform play must be enabled by going to the “Main menu” screen, selecting “Option” box, and make sure that the “Cross-Platform Play” is checked in the “Gameplay” tab. Then you are all set to play with players from other platforms.

Nevertheless, players still cannot party up with others who are from different platforms. As stated by Psyonix, this particular feature will come later in the first major update for the game this year. Alternatively, players from different platforms can play with one another by creating private matches and invite each other.