Are you bored and looking for something eccentric and creepy? How about Exploding Babies? The name said it all, but I still have to warn you, there will be exploding aliens babies all over the place that some people might consider offensive.

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Might be too gruesome for some people

Recently Nutfarm has just released a trailer of a new local multiplayer game Exploding Babies. Into the game, you will have your own hero baby on a small battlefield with other players. Guess what else is on the field, exploding drone babies carrying dynamite, running around. Your job is to use your baby to push the drone babies around to explode them and take out other players. Don't worry if all the drones are all exploded because there will be more to come through the UFO drop.

There are a lot of different terrains

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic science fiction setting with multiple battlefields with unique terrains. There will be traps or conveyor belts that send you to the grinders or teleport portals that make all the explosions unpredictable. Try to trigger many drone babies at once to create a chain reaction while taking advantage of the battlefield.

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The game is simple, weird and fun

The developers initially were just making the game for fun and to entertain themselves. However, after seeing many positive reactions from people at a couple of local events. They decided to release the game on Steam's Early Access on August 15th, 2019. Also, this is the first game that Nutfarm studio has launched on Steam.

The Early Access will only introduce a few features and the studio will slowly work on the game based on users' feedback. They are expecting to release a final version at the end of this year. You can check out the trailer of Exploding Babies below.