Project Zero Deaths is a new multiplayer physics-based shooter that puts you against other players in intense fast-paced battles. After spending a while in beta, it has now got a full release. To celebrate the occasion, developer Detis has also added a brand new mode as well as several maps to the game.

This is basically an 8-player shooter that you can either play by yourself or with some friends. The game puts a heavy emphasis on player’s skills, with each battle requiring both quick reflex and strategic thinking. At the moment, it contains roughly 30 levels, all of which are physics-based and specifically built to accommodate the demands of their respective mode.

Project Zero Deaths Gameplay

Certain parts of the environment are also destructible, and you can set traps in key areas in order to turn the odds in your favor. Your arsenal includes all sorts of creative and bizarre weaponry, with tons of options for customization.

Project Zero Deaths
Plenty of skills, weapons, and items to play with

As you play, you’ll gradually level up and collect items to tweak your character to your personal likings. As mentioned, Project Zero Deaths is intended as a skill-based experience, so you can’t just simply pay your way to victory.

Project Zero Deaths Ios Screenshot In Battle
An intense shooting experience

At launch, the game now comes with 5 unique modes, including the classic Team Deathmatch as well as several others such as Capture the Flag, Bomb Delivery, Ring Collecting, and Payload. Several new maps have been added as well: Temple, Obelisk, Factory, and Catell.

Project Zero Deaths has now finished its beta and is up for grabs on both Google Play and the App Store. Even though it’s a free-to-play release, the developer has promised that pay-to-win is kept to a minimum, so this sounds like a game that’s worth checking out if you’re a gun enthusiast.