Gigantic X is a promising shooter with a sci-fi theme that has spent quite a long time in development and one that we’ve been keeping an eye on for the last couple of months, and now, in a recent announcement, developer Action Square has revealed the exact release of the game alongside a brand new trailer. Before we go any further, though, check out this slightly older from March to get an idea of what it’s about:

So basically, the game takes place in a distant future when science has reached a point that allows humanity to colonize other planets. Mega-corporations now try to exploit resources from these planets to enrich themselves, and that sometimes involves destroying the local inhabitants. Thus, they have hired mercenaries – that is, us players – to do their dirty work for them. Yeah, you can imagine that this is not the type of games where we get to be the heroes.

Anyways, in order to deal with all those freaky alien beasts, you’ll have 3 characters to choose from: An agile weapon specialist, a technician with teleport ability, and a melee tank.  Watch the cinematic trailer below for a bit of story behind this trio:

While it does support solo play, Gigantic X was intended to be a multiplayer shooter right from the start, so it’s best enjoyed with some friends. The team at Action Square has shared that they wanted to deliver a “simple but deep" gameplay that focuses mainly on the skill of the players, so we can expect pay-to-win to be nonexistent or at least minimal here.

As far as we know, power disparity between players does exist and is determined by their level and gear, but there is reportedly no godlike weapon that instantly wins the game for you. Moreover, the game will also include several modes where everyone starts with exactly the same stuff and victory is decided by who plays better. Now, remember that latest trailer we mentioned earlier? It’s right below (at last!), giving you a look at the gameplay:

Gigantic X is set to launch on July 29th and is currently up for pre-registration on both Google Play and the App Store. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.