On the Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2019, ROCKFISH Games has announced EVERSPACE 2, a sequel to EVERSPACE. Along with the announcement, ROCKFISH Games also released the trailer of the game. You can check it out below.

EVERSPACE 2 is a fast-paced single-player shooter game in space with many new features for you to explore, loots and RPG elements. Prepare yourself for a wide open-world full of mysteries and secrets and embark on the journey to become a human.

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Discover the world full of secrets and mysteries in EVERSPACE 2

Along the way, you will meet new people with their own personal stories and make friends with them. They will join your journey with you as well in some side missions and give you certain bonuses in the final stage of the game, where your opponents will be much more challenging and brutal.

Everspace 2 3
Take advantage of your environment to win fights

Just like any other RPG game, unveil mysteries, discover alien species, find hidden treasures will be an important part of the game. But it won't be always easy. High risk comes with high rewards, in order to obtain those ultra-special gears and get out alive, you will need to be an experienced pilot with great improvising skill.

The game offers various weapons and abilities for you to destroy your opponents, no matter if they are fighters, drones, heavy bombers or even powerful gunships and massive capital vessels. Try to take advantage of the environment around you to hide and return fire even if you are less in number.

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There are a lot of customization options for you to choose from

Throughout the game, you will gradually grow your ship collection with unique ships classes and play in any style you want. There will be some very specific missions that require some special combination of modules, weapons, devices, and perks to complete.

Everspace2 2 1
You will need an exceptional piloting skill in order to get rare items

EVERSPACE 2 will be released on Steam for PC in 2021, but we can totally expect it come out sooner on Steam Early Access. A Kickstarter campaign for EVERSPACE 2 will launch on September 9 this year with a goal of $500,000.