The first Doom game came out in 1993, arguably the first notable First Person Shooter game that made a large fanbase. The game offered extensive gameplay and storyline. Even until today, lots of people still consider Doom their favorite title. Now you can enjoy a game of somewhat considerable resemblance to Doom - Dungeon Shooter V1.3 the Forgotten Temple

Dungeon Shooter 01
Doom was notable for its gameplay and storyline

What is better than experiencing the Doom-ish FPS games on your mobile phone? Dungeon Shooter v1.3 offers you an FPS title with the eerie atmosphere and gameplay like that of Doom. The graphics are also weird looking like Doom which brings back an instant familiar feeling to players.

Dungeon Shooter 02
Dungeon Shooter has something similar to Doom

Dungeon Shooter lets you explore a dungeon-like temple which is infected with monsters and strange creatures. Your objective is simple, shoot them all. As you move forward, you will level up and collect equipment. There are many perks and utilities to help you throughout the game.

Dungeon Shooter 3
You can get better equipments during your journey

The game has a pet system which works as your traveling companion. They can either draw attention from monsters or help you with dealing damage. Pets can even increase some of your stats and give some bonuses They may not be useful at first when the monsters are scarce. However, as you tread on, the number of monsters and horrible creatures will increase. Your pets are your best friend in this monster plagued temple.

Dungeon Shooter 04
The game has a unique pet system to buy time for you

Eventually, some powerful bosses will appear to challenge your strength. They often have higher power and health bar. It will take a considerable amount of effort to take down these bosses. The rewards are as sweet. As any other FPS titles, the game has the accuracy system. The headshot will deal more damage to enemies, and the shot to the leg or hand would deal significantly less damage.

Dungeon Shooter was priced at $1 but is completely free now. The game is currently available on Google Play. Go grab this good game while it is still free.