After a long delay, we finally have chances to unleash our inner graffiti artist with Concrete Genie. This beautiful adventure game is coming to PS4 this October.

I don't know whether October is a part of "Fall" or not. But hey, at least we have a specific date now. And to celebrate this announcement, the developer has given us a new trailer.

You can see it down here:

Concrete Genie is a gem that's only achievable for PS4 owners

At the start of this month, we've given you an in-depth review of the gorgeous game of PixelOpus - Concrete Genie. We've provided specific information on the story and the gameplay of this gem, and you should give it a look.

However, for the sake of time-efficiency, I'll give you a summary of the whole games. Let's get right into it:

Concrete Genie is a PS4-exclusive title that tells the story of a bullied boy with an artist soul - Ash (not Pokemon related). Ash lives in the gloomy town of Denska, which has lost its colors and filled with bleak atmosphere.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 1
Ash might be wearing a red hat, but he's not a Pokemon tamer

The kids in the town don't like Ash, and they tried to bully him and even torn his sketchbook apart. However, life seems very fair as its push Ash into a magical brush that can make everything he draws comes to life.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 3
Ash found a magical brush

Now, Ash will have to find pages from his sketchbook back, and use them to bring the color back to the land. Through his journey, he'll learn how the town was stuck in this situation and overcome his personal struggles.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 4
Can Ash live up with his power?

The story of Concrete Genie is already very unique, and its gameplay is the best way to tell this story. It features colorful puzzle-solving, where you'll not only jump and slide through the town but also draw your own artworks. Every wall in the town is your canvas, waiting for you to bring vivid pictures to it.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 6
Draw whatever you want on the walls in Concrete Genie

Furthermore, the games provide you with many objects to draw, from flowers and grass to a range of monsters that will support you through the journey. Can't find a friend? Why don't just make ones?

When will it come out?

Concrete Genie will come out for PS4 in October. The exact date is October 8, and it will support VR play at launch.

PixelOpus will deliver two physical versions of the game, and both of the game have reasonable prices. The standard version will cost you $29.99, which is quite economical for low-budget gamers.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 0
If you don't have enough money, buying the Standard edition is good enough!

However, if you feel very excited after reading our reviews, you can pay 10 more bucks to claim the Digital Deluxe edition. It contains everything in the standard version, plus a bonus theme for your PS4, the full soundtrack of the game, an art book and the pond design pack.

Hopefully, we don't have to suffer from any further delay, and we can touch our hands on this game right when October starts!