Heroland is an upcoming RPG game with a 2D visual style. This game is all about a "weird" theme park in which the guests could beat up bad people, become heroes, and explore dungeons with your help as a "sideline" tour guide. In fact, this game was released already with the name of WORK x WORK in Japan. The ones who are behind the development of this title are key developers from famous titles such as Legend of Mana, Fantasy Life, and MOTHER 3.


This title features more than 20 characters and a "refreshed" RPG-style battle system.

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This title features a "refreshed" RPG-style battle system.

Heroland is a tropical, bright theme park in which the guests participate in real RPG-style adventure, combat baddies, become hero, and explore the dungeons. But this whole role-playing thing turns into reality when a tour-guide named Lucky and the guests (including the fallen prince Elric ) try to unveil the dark history of this park. Now it is the mission of Elric, Lucky and the team to save the world (and Heroland, of course).

Heroland is a tropical, bright theme park in which the guests can participate in real RPG-style adventure.

From XSEED Games, we know that the game will be available for pre-order soon for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Knowble Edition

There will be a day one “Knowble Edition” physical version of the game up for preorder with the price tag of 49.99 dollars at XSEED Games Store and other retailers. At launch, that would be the only available retail version, while the standalone digital version will come for 39.99 dollars on PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop.

There will be a day one “Knowble Edition” Heroland physical version for preorder.

The “Knowble Edition” version of Heroland will come with everything you need for an exciting adventure. All housed in a custom box including:Capture

This game is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch in this Fall.