Widower’s Sky is an absolutely gorgeous adventure game in which you will follow the story of a father and son as the two embark on a journey through a perilous otherworldly planet. It is a product of developer Whaleo, a small Canada-based studio.

The first time we heard about this game was actually all the way back in 2016, which was 3 years ago, and it had reportedly already been in development for at least a year prior to that. That means this bad boy has been baking for 4 years at this point. Fortunately, the wait is almost over at long last, as Widower’s Sky is now available for pre-order on the App Store with a release date set for September 5th.  It will be a premium release with a price of $4.99 (Rs 345). Check out its trailer below:

You will follow a father, his son, and their dog through a strange alien world full of peculiar robots, giant structures, and seemingly magical portals. The father only has a simple bow and a dash attack to defend against all threats, from the unfriendly wildlife to the machine menace. Moreover, he also has to keep his son well-fed and well-rested, so we can expect some survival elements here as well.

Widowers Sky Ios Screenshot Field
The graphics are absolutely gorgeous

The narrative is presented in a pretty unique way: You will be playing through the future of the characters while listening to their past, until you reach a point where the two timelines come together and the story climaxes. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is also excellently done, giving a hauntingly beautiful vibe to the entire experience.

Widower Sky
A strange world full of peculiar machines

If you’re looking forward to getting Widower’s Sky, you can visit its App Store page to pre-order right now. So far, everything about it has been really promising. The graphics are striking, the mechanics are inventive, and overall it promises one hell of an adventure. We’ll surely be keeping a close eye on this one, so be sure to stay tuned for more related news!