Long ago, a group of developers created a really cool arcade game about hunting down ghosts, but for some reason, they later had to abandon it. The thing is, they accidentally forgot to shut it down, and so the game was left abandoned and running for several decades. As a result, the AI characters gained sentience and started wreaking havoc to the in-game world. Now, one of the AIs in this world, the Debug Unit, seeks to restore things to order and thus it reaches out to you, the Navigator, for help.

Playerless 1
The AI characters gained sentience and started wreaking havoc to the in-game world

However, the game is in horrible shape now due to decades of disrepair and the mess caused by the characters, so all of the buttons are now damaged save for one. This one working button is all you have to work with in order to resolve the ongoing chaos, so you’ll have to use it creatively, employing just one input in several ways to solve the many puzzles thrown at you.  That is the idea behind the new game Playerless from developer Moonlit, and we can probably all agree that it’s pretty clever. Check out the trailer below:

So, you can see that Playerless doesn’t really take itself too seriously, employing the “game in game” premise to deliver a quirky experience. Still, it’s a fully narrative-driven adventure with memorable characters, witty dialogue, and many puzzles of increasing difficulty to solve. You’ll get to visit what’s left of the game’s levels (the in-game arcade game, not the Playerless game, it’s confusing, we know) as well as dwell into the inner workings of the arcade machine itself - exploring levels full of mechanics and gears that made the device work. Also, due to the bad state of the in-game game, you’ll encounter several glitches and bugs that are intentionally put there to create more challenges.

Playerless 2
Solve increasingly difficult puzzles across several levels

Playerless is set to come out later this year for PC, consoles, and mobile devices. No exact release date is available at the moment, so stay tuned for more updates.