Etherborn has come out and is now available on Steam and Gogcom.

Not your mediocre platformer

Etherborn is an environmental puzzle-platformer game. The game is built on exploring a vast wasteland and manipulating gravity-shifting mechanisms.

"It is a very beautiful world" - Rock, paper, shotgun

“You are a voiceless being that has just been born into a world where a bodiless voice calls to you, patiently awaiting your arrival. As your first thoughts emerge, you realise your journey has just begun. You must reach this ethereal voice to fully understand your own existence.”

With that, you are free to roam around in a seemingly endless world. The game has stunning 3d graphics with epic scenery. From our camera angles, we get to witness the gorgeous world crafted by the hands of Altered Matter studio.

Etherborn A Masterpiece 01
The scenery is epic and definitely worth a try

Unique gameplay and concept

In Etherborn, the laws of physics are so out of this world. The gravity bends to your every step, changing directions every time you approach another edge of the terrain.

However, they are not random at all. Quite the contrary, your quest is to understand the law of physics in the game, manipulating it to reach new soils. As the genre suggests, it is a puzzle game after all. Solving quests are what players fancy the most, isn’t it?

Etherborn A Masterpiece 04
How to solve all these "puzzling" puzzles?

In the journey, you may come across some mysterious light orbs that are hidden all over the place. They may unlock secrets or some mysteries, who knows. The story will reveal itself eventually.

At some points, you will meet with some luminous keys. Activate them to change the scenery around you. That is mandatory to progress in the game as you explore the world in Etherborn. Eventually, you will reach the final destination and find out the answer to the game.

Etherborn A Masterpiece 06
Epic scenery is all over the place

The game receives many positive reviews from many game critics.

The game is available on Steam and Gogcom at $16.99. Definitely worth a try.