After the first reveal in 2017, everything we've heard about Concrete Genie was a brief gameplay reveal in E3 2018. And even though the developer - PixelOpus has planned to release the game in early Spring 2019, it failed to keep its promise.

PixelOpus only gave us this story trailer, with the announcement on the game's release in Fall 2019:

The story behind Concrete Genie

If the 3-minute long trailer doesn't satisfy you, then come read our description of the game's story:

Concrete Genie tells the story of a teenager - Ash. He is not a Pokemon tamer, but an ordinary boy who is really keen on drawing. Ash lives in the fantasy town of Denska, which has lost its colors to the Darkness and drowned in grim.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 1
Meet Ash - the protagonist of the game

Ash seems to be the only color in the whole town, and other kids don't like that, as they keep bullying him, and even tear his sketchbook apart.

However, if you don't have friends, you can make them. Ash somehow finds a magical feather brush called "Living Paint" that makes everything he draws turn into life.

More power means more responsibilities, as Ash was given the quest to bring the colors back to the seaside town, and defeat the Darkness. In order to do that, Ash needs his artwork in the sketchbook. As a result, he will take on the journey wandering in the grim town to find it.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 4
Painting the town's walls to recover the life here

Ash will have to use his drawing talents, teaming up with the friends that he sketch up to paint colors on the town's wall to purify it.

However, the job is not that easy, as the bullies keep getting on his way. And they're not the only ones who don't like Ash. The Darkness monster is lurking on the wall, finding its chance to deliver the deadliest blow.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 3
The kids here don't like Ash

How can Ash overcome his personal hardship and save the town? Only you can decide!

A beautiful and unique PS4-exclusive title

The game's developer has held a small event in E3 2018 to show off a little gameplay. And it caught the eyes and the hearts of many fans with its interactive controls and beautiful graphics. Consequently, it received a lot of rewards in last year's E3, including Outstanding Original Game as well as the Eye Candy awards by Nvidia and Intel.

That's enough hype, right? Let's get right into Concrete Genie's gameplay now:

Concrete Genie portrays the detailed seaside town of Denska - the one that used to be vibrant and picturesque. The developer has done a great job drawing the details in the town: the polluted walls, the inky black waterways, and the abandoned houses.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 10
The town's atmosphere

However, everything has just started. Those grimy-looking scenes will soon receive colors, as Ash will run and jump there to draw the magical graffitis.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 8
Ash on his painting duty

That's where the game really stands out. Instead of giving you the automatic experience, you can decide whatever you want to bring to your artwork.

To be more specific, the game gives you a wide range of items to choose to sketch, including the flowers, the bonfire, and even the aurora. You can choose to put them wherever you want to, and every art of yours will be ultimately unique.

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 6
Draw whatever you want with Concrete Genie

Your objectives don't stop there. You'll have to find from the street the pages from your sketchbook. Those are the keys to giving you even more drawing subjects to choose from, and they are also vital to continue making progress with the main quest as well.

And your magical brush could also bring you some allies as well. As you draw a monster (you'll find out how to as you play), the monster comes alive, and it will be your useful friend who will help you with your adventures. And you can add accessories to them, too, including horns and tails! How cool is that!

Concrete Genie Ps4 Fall 2019 0
Make your own friends with your art talent

Here's the full footage on the gameplay preview at E3 2018, and you can enjoy it while waiting for the game:


While it's kind of upset to see the developer keep delaying Concrete Genie, we should understand that they need more time to complete this amazing game.

And everything aside, PixelOpus still gives us a release window, so that's better than nothing!

We'll announce to you as soon as the game comes out, so stay tuned!