Temtem has caught a lot of players' eyes on Kickstarter with its Pokemon-styled images and gameplay. As a result, the game was funded more than successfully, with merely $575,000 from almost 12,000 backers.

However, there are people missed the funding process and also the chance to try the game during its development. Understanding those players' desire, Crema has provided them with a second chance: pre-ordering the game through Discord.

When you're still wondering about how similar is Temtem to Pokemon, you can watch this trailer below:

About the story

Temtem game didn't receive the fund that exceeds more than eight times the expected number for no reason. According to the developer, Temtem is a "Massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokemon".

You'll take on the colorful journey in Airborne Archipelago. On this land, there are creatures that are called Temtem that live peacefully alongside with human. In fact, people have learned how to tame them, and make them human's best friends. "Every kid dreams about becoming a Temtem tamer".

Temtem Pokemon Inspired Title Pre Order Discord 5
That kid's outfits though ...

However, peace is under threat as there's a clan namely Belsoto that wants to take over the six flying island of Archipelago. You'll have to join hand with other Temtem tamers and defeat all eight Dojo Leaders of the clans to spoil their plan.

You can become the greatest Temtem tamer ever!

Join in a Pokemon battle with pick and ban phase

The gameplay is very similar to the Pokemon titles, as you wandering in the island while your screen flickered and suddenly, a Temtem jumps out of the way. You'll have two options: defeat it or catch it.

Temtem Pokemon Inspired Title Pre Order Discord 1
Temtems hide on bushes!

The Temtems also varies in elements, which have advantages and disadvantages towards each other. The full chart of how each kind of Temtem interacts is here if you really into it:

Temtem Pokemon Inspired Title Pre Order Discord 1

The game overall looks like a Pokemon-replica, but there are some fascinating things that make Temtem stand out.

The first thing is the breeding system. With this system, you can breed two Temtems to bear another generation that carries some of the stats and from the predecessors. It also makes the new Temtem able to learn the skills that it can't learn with its species. That's the most efficient way to get the perfect Temtem!

Temtem Pokemon Inspired Title Pre Order Discord 2
The breeding system is the special element of Temtem

Another special thing about the game is the battle. You can carry up to 6 Temtems in the squad, but only two of them can join in the battle. The battles are turn-based, in which you command your Temtem to deliver the most suitable moves. And after getting rid of random factors, the developer has proudly affirmed that the battles will be "100% skill and strategy based".

Temtem Pokemon Inspired Title Pre Order Discord 2
Skills and tactics decide 100% the battle result

That's a good news for people who like to compete with other tamers rather than having PvE experience. Speaking about PvP, the game provides a ban-pick phase prior to the battle, which makes the tactical elements even more important and fascinating!

Temtem Pokemon Inspired Title Pre Order Discord 3
PvP will be very exciting with the draft phase!

Apart from all the things that we've mentioned, the game still has a lot of features waiting for you to explore. However, to name all of them here will be too long. And no one wants to read a lengthy article.

So, if you're really interested in the game, you can head to its Kickstarter page to get more information!

If you want to play Temtem on Steam, you might think carefully with your decision

The pre-order this time is open on the Discord server, and it will last for two weeks. The price will be $34.99/ 30.99€/ £27.49. Pre-order now will give you immediate access to the Alpha version of the game, as well as securing the official version when it comes out.

Temtem Pokemon Inspired Title Pre Order Discord 4
Full guide are there on the game's Kickstarter page

However, the version on Discord and on Steam is separated, which means you can only play the game on the platform that you've purchased.

The developer does support cross-play, and you can play with other players on the other platform. But cross-save is only available if you bought the game on both Steam and Discord.

So if you're a low budget gamer, be careful with your decisions!