Smith and Winston is an shooter featuring a beautiful pixelated art style and a gameplay that is basically a mixture of exploration and action, in which you’ll get to investigate perilous alien planets. Check out its trailer below:

The story begins when a peculiar signal is spotted in deep space. Our protagonists, Smith and Winston, are sent out to investigate the occurrence and soon find themselves closing in on a devastated ring world overrun by dangerous aliens and a mysterious overlord called “the Void”.  Unfortunately, due to a minor navigation error, their ship ends up getting hit by an asteroid and comes crashing down the surface of the planet. Now, it is up to you to guide Smith and Winston through this strange world and find the resource needed to fix the ship and return home. Of course, along the way, they’ll also have a chance to learn more about the planet and its inhabitants.

Smith And Winston Environment
Explore this alien planet to find a way home

In terms of gameplay, that translates to a quirky yet incredibly entertaining twin-stick shooting experience. The characters are armed with a jet pack that allows them to take flights for a short period of time, a mining laser to collect resources, and a peashooter to defend themselves. If you want to survive against the hostile environment, you’ll have to make good use of them.

Smith And Winston Combat
Make good use of your equipment in order to survive

What’s unique about Smith and Winston is that literally everything in this game is destructible, even the floor. And since the game relies heavily on co-op, this makes for some interesting moments. For example, if your partner continues to wreak havoc to the surrounding with reckless abandon, then you’ll have to watch your steps, lest you want to fall straight through the floor into the abyss.

Smith And Winston Destroy Floor
Literally everything in this game can be destroyed, even the floor

The world, meanwhile, is divided into many different areas. Some require you to obtain a key in order to unlock, while with others you can simply just walk through. As you play, you’ll come across new weapons, treasures, and tons of enemies to fight against.

Smith and Winston is currently available in Early Access on Steam. No information about the official launch date is available at the moment, so stay tuned for more updates!