Gigantic X is quite ambitious for a mobile game: it’s a graphically impressive top-down shooter that blends the massive monster-slaying of Monster Hunter, the frantic action of a traditional top-down shooter, and the endless looting of Diablo.

And it absolutely works. In essence, you simply shoot your way through several missions and pick up loot to power up your characters, which in turn allows you to take on tougher foes and collect even stronger loot.

Gigantic X gameplay

It’s pretty easy to get into as well. Similar to many other mobile games out there, you swipe on the left side of the phone’s screen to have your character move around and use a set of virtual buttons on the right side to attack, use abilities, and dodge incoming blows.

There are 3 unique characters for you to choose to play as, each of whom offering a distinct playstyle. There’s Scardy, your usual frontline soldier with shotguns and assault rifles. Then there’s Titan, a beast of a man who wields a giant axe and demolishes enemies with sheer brute force, and Rhea, a support with a handgun and cannon.

Gigantic X combines the typical top-down shooter gameplay with elements of Diablo and Monster Hunter

As you might expect, each of these characters functions very differently, and you get access to all of them right from the beginning, which is awesome. Also, since you can switch between characters whenever you want, the gameplay always stays relatively fresh.

Gigantic X Monster Hunting
The game combines the massive monster-slaying of Monster Hunter, the frantic action of a traditional top-down shooter, and the endless looting of Diablo

That said, Gigantic X does encourage you to focus on one character at a time. When you’ve gone through the tutorial and get into the actual game, you’ll gain access to a limitless number of missions to play through, each of which grants items for a particular character.

Weapons and items in this game are more than just stat sticks too. Different types of weapons offer different abilities for you to use, while wearing several pieces of the same set of armor unlocks various set bonuses. If you are the type of player that wants to try out multiple builds, you are more than welcome to experiment around with this system.

Gigantic X Weqapons
Plenty of weapons and gear for you to experiment around with

The graphics are really splendid as well. The environment, the character models, and the animations all just scream “console quality”. There’s a level of polish here that we don’t often see from a mobile title.

An addictive experience somewhat hampered by greedy IAPs

If we had a complaint about Gigantic X, it would be its greedy monetization model. A new season pass surfaces every week, which gives you loot for completing several missions. Unsurprisingly, this pass comes in 2 types: free and premium, with the premium one giving twice as many rewards.

Gigantic X Gameplay 2
The graphics are splendid

While you are in no way obliged to get the premium pass, if you do opt to buy it, it’ll set you back $10 (Rs 690) every single week. Aside from that, there are also the rewards multipliers, which again costs just shy of 10 bucks per week. You can also spend $25 (Rs 1760) to unlock it for a whole month, but that’s just for one specific mode. Want to get the multipliers for all modes for a month? You’d better prepare $50 (Rs 3520) then.

It’s true that you can do just fine without spending a penny if you are patient enough to grind, but these ridiculously high prices are just perplexing to us. We can only assume that they are for the insanely hardcore gamers only.

Gigantic X Android Screenshot Fighting On A Poison
IAPs have ridiculously high prices, but they don't affect the gameplay experience too much

At the end of the day, though, they don’t affect the gameplay of Gigantic X too much. It is an absolutely solid game that’s well worth checking out.