Twin-stick shooter is a genre that never seems to fail to attract attention from players, and for good reasons: It’s fun. About a month ago, we reported that a new sci-fi shooter titled Gigantic X was coming soon to the Google Play Store, and now it’s finally here, bringing with it a huge arsenal of weapons for you blast your enemies with.

Gigantic X Official Trailer

According to the game’s description on the Play Store, it’ll put you in the role of a “brave soldier willing to fight for the continued growth of humanity.” In truth, though, it feels like you’ll just become a mercenary hired by greedy corporations to do their dirty works for them, namely invading other planets and wipe out any opposition – all so that they can earn more profits.

Anyway, the main dish here is the content that it has to offer, and Gigantic X has plenty on that front. For starter, there will be 3 unique characters for you to choose to play as. Naturally, each one features his or her own unique playstyle, and as you progress, you can obtain resources to make better weapons and gear through a crafting system, allowing you to become more durable and deal more damage. There’s also a multiplayer mode in which you can cooperate with other players too.

Gigantic X
There are 3 unique characters for you to choose to play as

Gigantic X works on an Energy system: The game is divided into missions, which you need to spend Energy to play. Once you run out, you’ll have to wait for it to refill before you can continue. Of course, since this is a free game, some IAPs are present, with which you can purchase more energy with real money. As for whether pay-to-win will be an issue here, that remains to be seen.

Gigantic X Gameplay
A top-down shooter game with a sci-fi theme

Still, the missions are relatively short and will have some tasks for you to complete in the midst of all the chaos, which means you can either play it in longer sessions or during short breaks between classes or while waiting for the bus. That combined with high-quality graphics and some cool bosses make for a pretty promising title, so if you are looking for a new shooter game to play, Gigantic X might be something worth checking out.