Tracks, the train-set simulation will start to punch its ticket for the 1.0 release in the next two months. That is a good excuse for you and me to watch some beautiful trailers we got from its Early Access time.

Seriously speaking, look at all those creations that the dev team made with this game cute tiny items is really satisfying, even if you don't want to play it by yourself. Take a look at these video trailers of the game to get the hang of it.

The announcement trailer for Xbox One

In this video, we got to see the latest version of Tracks, with features a lot of fantastic stuff. I also love that this trailer shows off the contrasts between urban and rural areas in the game. From the city, we have items like wide streets, cars, wide roads being put together with chickens and cows from the village.

August 2018 Update Trailer

However, there are much more to this game. Back in last year August, the developer has shown us those cute round people in the game. Moreover, you don't even have to set-up a realistic location for your train to operate; it could just barrel through some simple block stacks.

Wintertime update trailer

And even before that, we had the update for wintertime. It brought those beautiful white landscapes and lovely snow to the game. A train-set in wintertime setting. They just get me.

Tracks A Beautiful Train Set Simulation That You W
There will be even more pretty Tracks trailers for us to enjoy.

I am sure that we will even get to see more detailed and complicated builds of the game once Tracks departs from Early Access this September. Following a post on the game's Steam page, the development team still plan for “at least” 2 updates before ending Early Access. Therefore there will be even more pretty trailers for us to enjoy.

Whoop Group will pull Tracks out of Early Access on the 20th of September.