Here comes the good news for simulator lover, Dovetail Games just announced that they will release Train Sim World 2020 on August 15. Here is the announcement trailer.

Train Sim World 2020 brings players a realistic train simulation experience across the USA, UK, and Germany. You will have the chance to go through all the fun through the rain and snow to serve thousands of passengers. Just like previous Train Sim World editions, this game has stunning visuals and gameplay.

Train Sim World 2020 Announce Trailer 0 12 Screens
Do your duty no matter if it's rain or snow

However, apart from all the great features that Train Sim World 2020 inherited, the game also introduces some new features of its own. New players will have a better experience getting into the game with scores, tips, and records after each route provided by the new Action Points System.

Train Sim World 2020 Announce Trailer 0 21 Screens
You will be on the front seat to get the best possible experience

The new "Journey" system will give you more than 24 hours of content by combining different scenarios, timetables, and jobs around the railway to complete for each route.

These are the routes that will be available in the game: Main-Spessart Bahn, Long Island Rail Road, Great Western Express, Northern Trans-Pennine, CSX Heavy Haul (Windows PC only).  There is also a new USA west coast route that will launch on August 15 too. You can buy it as a DLC or have it goes together with the Digital Deluxe Edition. Note that the special edition also has the exclusive CSX GP40-2 bonus loco.

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Enjoy the fantastic graphics of the game

In addition, before heading out to the rail, the game will give you a chance to look at your selected locomotive and replace it with another if you want to.

If you have already owned Train Sim World, don't worry, because all these new features will also come to you as an update. However, as for the new routes, you can obtain them at a discounted price. Train Sim World 2020 is coming on August 15 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.