By developer Gaming Minds Studios and publisher Kalypso Media, Port Royale 4 has just been announced during Gamescom 2019. In the Opening Night Live show, they revealed the 2020 launch of the game for multiple major platforms like PS4, Xbox One, PC & Switch.

Take a look at the game trailer as below:

About Port Royale 4

Welcome to Port Royale 4, where you get to set sail throughout the lands of England, France, Spain & The Netherlands during their Caribbean supremacy fight in the 17th century. In Port Royale 4, you'll play the role of an ambitious and young governor who’s trying to manage and grow a bustling trade attraction.

Port Royale 4
Port Royale 4 takes you on an adventure of a governor, trying to grow a lively trade attraction.

In order to achieve that, there are many things available to do. You can create production chains between multiple islands and develop trade routes. Across the Caribbean, respective cities require extreme catering and it’s important to keep them out of harsh natural conditions.

With that being said, it's better to stay away from areas with stormy weather, shallow waters or impassable cliffs.

Port Royale 4
Create strong production chains, trade routes and set up profitable arrangements.

At the same time, there are tasks for you to fulfill and earn fame to improve your buildings and ships. If you’re not a man of peace, it’s possible to seek wars against rival nations and hunt them down. However, always keep an eye out for the pirates of the Caribbean – that’s clearly out of the question.

Port Royale 4
Expand your land and assert your dominance against neighboring territories.

Especially for fans of the Port Royale series, the newest sequel will feature turn-based naval battles for the first time ever. 10 ships at maximum would battle each other out and a glorious victory awaits the captain with the best tactics.

Key Game Features

Four extensive single-player campaigns are available for you to play through. The whole title features 60 cities in a beautiful 3D graphics of the Caribbean. In addition, 50 buildings with 25 of them being production sites are available for the production of luxuries or rums. Also, you get to experience with your own eyes 18 authentic ships of the 17th century, up and running on the water.

Port Royale 4
Visually, the 3D Caribbean world of Port Royale 4 looks absolutely stunning and alive!

Improve the nation's reputation to unlock new buildings, ships as well as important licenses. Be ready as exciting yet vicious turn-based tactical naval battles lie in front of you. All in all, it’s about time to set sail and we wish the best of luck to all the captains out there.